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Saleh Almatrafi

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I used Rigidbody2D for movement and as I know it’s better to use FixedUpdate when dealing with physics.

But thanks for the tip I will give it a try :)

Thanks .. glad you like it :)

Thank you for your reply .. believe me you can finish it just try again :)

I really enjoyed playing the game it was challenging and fun. Also the sound effect and the music incredibly fits the game

Thank you so much for your comment it's really motivating and made my day. Yes actually I made some testing games but not completed only to learn game development but this is my first released game. Also, the Arts and Animation made by my friend hawthan.

Thank you, glad you like it

I liked your game by the way nice job

you have to solve the puzzels and escape from the lab

we follow the theme when planning the puzzels and instructions

Thanks to my friend hawthan for his designs

Hello everyone. This is my first ever game released I hope you find it fun to play