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At the moment we are not allowed to sell. When the game will be completely finished, we will open the sale again. We need the time to finish the game as soon as possible. We will keep you updated!

This month we want to activate NOAHs CHAPTER. Waiting the last CGs before we activate this part. 

Please take a look for latest posts here:

It is still in development! This year we will activate the next chapters.

we have resent the codes by mail again! if udidnt receive any mails please contact us again!

can you send us a screenshot pls?

Hi Slovino! We have sent all kickstarter backers a mail which includes the codes! Could you please write us your mail address to ? We will send your code again!

No! The early access contains Hardcore image and the story goes further ;-)

We will soon update the first big chapter but we will announce it ;-)

Hi Mori!

We are sorry that you have trouble with the payment! If there any payment errors please report to : Have a nice weekend!

what is the problem? could you download the game files?

please by email!! not here!!

the last hours before we send our merchandises to our winners! :)

Hi gingerlegend!

Thank you for playing our game! 

We will update it little by little then you dont have to wait too long and we will take care about the typo and punctuation issues! :) Thank you for informing us!

Have a nice weekend!


thank you very much for your information!!!

we will release here and the mentioned websites. hope they dont ban us  :D

and our Artist got a newborn baby! you can congratulate on her twitter acc