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thank you! good idea about the enemies movement. i'm working on v1.1 so i will test that out. i appreciate the feedback!

thank you! v1.1 in development, with sounds and a slightly longer attack radius!

thank you! haha those 2 days... i greatly underestimated how long it would take to get that boss battle working and i ran out of time! next time i will be more prepared

thank you! that's a good point you make. there's like 0.2 seconds of hitstun where you can't take damage, but that's obviously not nearly enough.

thank you! yeah, some good alien sound effects would have really added a new dimension. need to sharpen up my workflow so that i have enough time to include sound in the next jam!

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thank you! i had meant to at least put some sound in, but i ran out of time, so maybe i should get around to that

thank you! it is a bit difficult. i wanted you to feel like the aliens were stronger than you, but maybe i went a little overboard. you don't actually have to kill all the aliens. especially relevant for the final boss room - you just have to kill the mouth.

being able to shoot nails into the walls and then jump on them was pretty dope.

thank you! my main (only) reference was pokemon.