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Zoldak community · Created a new topic Smol and Big bugs

Hi!! Game looks SUPER fun from the video!! I downloaded the game for macOS and has just finished the tutorial and can tell just how much fun this game is.  However, I'll list the bugs I encountered in bullet points as well as some possible suggestions (I'm not the best at English, hope this is understandable!) -

  • I couldn't play the game at all after, the game would not respond when I pressed the "play"
  • When you go into Training mode, you can't see your character sprite or any of the bots and the game just freezes there (though the menu is still accessible)
  • Same thing with match creating, I can't seem to be able to do anything because the screen just says "loading" before it goes back to the menu screen
  • Even the menu screen seems to have trouble loading in and some buttons that where there before disappear and reappear if you refresh the menu??

Basically, there is no way I can join or create or play a game (as of now). Now onto some suggestions!

  • I'd like it if you didn't have to log in every time you return to the menu screen. I know that 'remember me' is handy for this but I think it would be better if you could move straight on to the menu
  • Definitely no harm or shade, I understand that the game is in it's early stages but are there going to be different character/avatar sprites in the future? I totally get how they would be easier to animate and control, but maybe there will be nicer looking sprites in the future?

Overall, great game with a big potential and I can't wait to be able to play it, keep up the good work!

Game looks super neat!! Loved playing it (also that quote is bomb)!!  Unrelated note but, was this inspired from Devolver Digital's Reigns game? owo

This looks super neat and cool yo! Are there any plans to release this game on Mac?

boii this is a long review but this game's amazing so so 

First off, the game's art and visuals are STUNNINGLY PHENOMENAL!! The immense amount of effort put into this game is definitely clear. Visual novels normally get me bored rather quickly but this game is a WHOOOLE different story. Even it's short, it keeps you on edge with it's captivating yet eerie storyline, not to mention the art that also keep you interested. I'm hyped to play more of your games in the future, because this game is Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y! So, download The Doll Shop. I promise it won't disappoint you at all! You won't know it's secret if you don't. ;)

Hi!! Love the look of this game! Do you think it will be available for MacOS soon? Thanks!

Hi!! I just downloaded this game recently on MacOS, and I really do love the visuals of this game! However, I am a little disappointed that I can't really properly play it (not really sure if it's just me being stupid or a problem with the game). The game screen currently doesn't fit the desktop and a chunk of the game is hidden at the bottom. I can only move the game from side to side so the game features are very limited (can't go fullscreen or adjust the size either). Hoping you could fix this issue soon, super excited to play this game!!

HELLO! I finished the demo a few weeks ago and I must say it has easily become my most favourite rpg game ever. I just love everything about this game- the dialogue, story, battle system, characters just everything!! I just have a small question - will the full game be free, and if not about how much will it be? Anyway, I honestly CAN'T WAIT until the full game! Keep up the wonderful work!!