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Had a lot of fun with this game, and ended up creating a sub plot where my mom fought a lion and died lmfao.

I enjoyed the concept of this game, it would be awesome to see it expanded some day! 

The atmosphere of the game is defiantly spooky, and something a lot of game developers miss. Bravo on making a game that is scary due to atmosphere, and not reliant on jump scares! Definity recommend :

Genuinely a well-produced and SCARY game.  If you are able, I recommend purchasing the full version on Steam!  

Mysteries lie within the suitcase....

Pro Tip: Don't Trust Anyone.

I had fun playing this game! There are 3 endings, and thank you for adding the flies - they were a nice touch ;)

I enjoyed playing this :) The jumpscares genuinely spooked me and one caught me very off guard. I definitely recommend! 

Question for the DEV: What was the significance behind adding real photos to the victims? Was it to make the player feel more immersed? 

Thank you! 


How many BODIES are beneath your home?

This game was very unique! We play through the eyes of the killer, and get to see the torment they go through. Definitely recommend! 

Have YOU checked your attic recently? There just might be someone waiting...

This is a fun and short horror game where the dev integrated their own fear into the game! I definitely recommend :)

My neighbors probably think I died with how I SCREAMED at the end. Awesome short horror game, definitely recommend!

This game genuinely gave me more heart attacks than outlast did.  The characters are so quiet they just sneak up on you! Enjoyed this game from start to finish, definitely would recommend.

The story is interesting, and the sound design is FANTASTIC. Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, keep up the awesome work!

Quite a roller coaster of emotions. If I were to describe this game in one word it would be: CHAOTIC. 

The devs did an outstanding job on this game. Making a 2D game scary is a hard thing to accomplish, yet they did just that.  I am excited to play the other volumes!

The ending was unexpected and made my heart skip a beat! Keep up the good work.

They may be stupid but they are still deadly...

Full Playthrough Linked below:

10/10 Enjoyed. This game is one of the more polished indie games I have played in a while. With puzzles to solve, a story line and an inventory it is clear that this game will have a lot to offer when fully released :)

It is obvious a lot of time and effort went into the details of this game. Visually and audibly immersive, and the scare near the end got me good! Keep up the awesome work :)

Full Playthrough Linked below:

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Highly enjoyed and recommend this game. The atmosphere is beautifully done, even when not using ultra settings. One small thing I really enjoyed was the autofocus detail (ex: if the player was looking at something close up vs far away). It is not something seen in indie games and I found it really added to the overall atmosphere. Full Playthrough Below:

I enjoyed reading the story as you pieced it together. Had one big scare and a lot of teases. All around fun game and I enjoyed playing :)

Full Playthrough Below:

A decent game with a *possible* symbolic meaning, however I could be over analyzing. 

Full Playthrough Below:

The atmosphere was really well done! For 10 days of development there was a lot packed into such a game. Jumpscares got me as well!

Full Playthrough Below:

I enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the sound design :)

Jumpscare got me as well!

Full Intro playthrough below: