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Do the animals have walking animations as well?

Thanks! Will check him out then!

I looked it up and I must say it does look promising! Asking its Community for more information about it, Thank you!

Thanks for your answer! I ll check out Game Maker for its trail, do you have any recommendation with regards to tutorials for it?


I m attempting in making a Stealth Action Game but I m still not 100% sure on which Game Engine I should use.  I guess you can say the style of Stealth game I'm planning on making is akin to the early Metal Gear games, and as such, my first thought was to go for RPGMaker since its like native to that "Camera Style" (Sorry always forget the name of that camera angle, but its akin to Zelda: Awakening), and that it also has the tileset art style I would want to use (VexedEnigma's POP! Style). However some research on the Game Maker engine made me realize it might make my life much more easier in terms of the coding of the game.

So I m wondering if you guys can help me settle on a Game Engine for my first time Game Project for a Stealth Action Game. 

Thanks in Advance :) 

Hi! I ended up buying all your POP! Packs as they meet the Art style I was looking for my game projects. I wanted to ask thou, I found a pack in RPGMaker site, containing all your Member+ work. In it also contains the "Gunsmith POP!" Tiles.  I m wondering if that pack would ever be released separately or maybe with your upcoming Cyberpunk pack?

Thanks in Advance and Please keep up your Amazing work!