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Hey amazing video, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

I'm happy you enjoyed it! I thought it's hard to put enough content in a jam game for it to be a complete endless survival game so I instead added an end goal. I have no clue why it froze but I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback

It might have taken inspirations from portal and its narrative style, but I didn't say "has its own identity" I said "it has an identity" and that doesn't really have anything to do with originality. It's a level of polish that everuthing in the game goes with each other so well that it forms a singular system that can be recognized on its own. 

It's what good finished games have and doesn't really happen that much in jam games. Everything in this game looks like it has some thought behind it and they all go together pretty well. It doesn't need to be terribly original, take Overwatch for example. It's not the most unique game, it's another hero based shooter, but the way everything is in that game is somehow connected to the other things and everything is based on a very well thought plan, something that is consistent through out the whole game.

Now I'm mot saying that this game has as much character as Overwatch has, but it somewhat comes close to games like Limbo, it has a consistent polished theme and that gives it an identity, a character.

Yeah, I had to cut on content in order to get all the main mechanics in there. Glad you liked it and thanks for playing!

Nice job on the whole thing, I had some good fun messing around with the physics. But the controls felt somewhat unresponsive rather than a drifting feeling, and not even close to a sailing feeling, which doesn't really matter because it was fun, but with better control over my boat this could be much more interesting. 

Well if it stopped at the golden background ones that would make total sense, but pressing the one that looks the most badass with the gold background will take it to a next level which looks exactly like the first level (the icon returns to the first basic one and the background turns grey) I was surprised at the first place that there was an upgrade after the one that kinda looked like it's indicating MAX LEVEL. Visual feedback is always better than text and you had some really great visual feedback in the gameplay but the shop, it looked weird.

Amazing game. Somehow it gave me a feeling of loneliness and somewhat desperation. I never thought I can enjoy a text based game this much. Could use more variations of the picture on the left to show the current state (light up the pod when you have a power source, add the fish mentor when you have him and other stuff like that) but that's a minor polish thing that would just make it look cooler. I liked that surviving wasn't the main focus of the game and that the narrative was at the core. Great job, one of my favorite entries.

Great work, I played this way too much. I love trading games and I used to play a hell lot of Tradewinds a couple of years back. It was pretty solid, a few bugs and issues like being hit with asteroids when the news said there's zero chance, or the money in the resources window not updating when you pay in special dialogues (it does update after closing and opening the window or buying something, but not automatically) I also really missed a back button in the Galaxy map. Awesome game and with more polish and a better UI it would be a really amazing one.

It looks like it didn't really matter where I was aiming at, I noticed that some other asteroids were exploding that I wasn't shooting at. It just felt like I was just pressing the mouse button as fast as I could, there wasn't enough challenge for me. Maybe I gave up too fast but well. I still spent a good few minutes shooting and enjoying myself but then it just felt boring and weird. I also had a weird bug when I maximized the window. With a little more polish, some sound effects and animations this can be a very good game, right now it's maybe too easy or just a prototype that doesn't really work as expected. But you have something going on here so great job. 

I clicked the shop items too many times I guess and then they just stopped working, one click past the golden ones and it seems like they turned back to the original sprites but I guess I had upgrades on. So that was a bug (or a misunderstanding which means the UI needs more work). I guess the game is very far from what you planned and right now I didn't know what exactly I'm supposed to do. Still, it was fun and the main mechanics felt pretty good. Nice work!

Hey! SPOILERS you did find it! Awesome video and thanks again for all the amazing feedback. 

The suggestion you made about making it an online experience and adding a way to mark the islands was a great idea and I'll try to get it to work.

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The enemies are indeed coming from the sea! The enemies do spawn more every night but the increase isn't that big to notice in one or two nights so probably no one will ever notice while actually playing the game, but the system is there and can be tweaked to get better results. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks a lot for the feedback. The different enemy types was something I had in mind but wasn't really possible to do in the limited time. I do plan on expanding the game so stick around if you wish.

Great job, I love it as it is, not really a game in the traditional sense but certainly an awesome experience and I just love when games do that

Amazing work, what I like most about it is that it has an identity, not just a bunch of game mechanics and visuals packed together, it's a game you can refer to. Solid entry

That was amazing, thank you very much. There was also a little hidden collectible you missed so check that out if you will.  I already fixed the cursor thing and I will continue to work on the game so stick around for more content!

Thanks a lot for the feedback I'll definitely add the cursor lock in the update. Weird bug, no idea how the program caused it

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing! I did plan on getting more items and tools into the game but couldn't make it during the game jam. I'll update the game in a week or so with more content and more polish

Is it a 32bit version? It should work on x64 systems

Ah yeah you can try restarting the game entirely, there is a known issue with scene reloading that I tried to fix but couldn't get it done in time. Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for the feedback, the music was made by Rustic Hilltop Inn, you can check out his amazing work on his soundcloud

Good point! I was so busy trying to get everything working that I didn't realize I can change the pitch dynamically. Thanks for the feedback

Thanks a lot for the kind words and I'm glad you found the little hidden treasure