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I can't seem to get the 'extra' menu to open. I know I've read everything, or so I thought considering there were just a few amount of choices. I'm withholding any judgements for this game until I get what I want (lol). So, any help, please?

Yeesss! Been waiting for this!

No prob. May I know if you guys are still going for the full story line? :)

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Please don't leave us hanging! T^T

I've played this a few months ago but forgot to make a feedback so I'll do it now.  I really like the game despite it being REALLY short, I like one-shots anyway. But I don't mind it if you guys will make it an actual story line. The title says it all, really reminds me of BTS's Just One Day song.

What seems to be the problem? Have you extracted the .zip file already? Is the .exe file not working?

Oh, my bad. lol

Well anyway, thank you for the hard work. I support you! You are a living testament of my dreams (VN/Otome Games released set on Philippines). Still haven't played your game because of the up coming exams. Yikes!

Hello! So, I haven't played your game yet but I'm interested. I'm downloading it right now actually. Anyway, I was wondering, were you perhaps the one who was asking for some advice form Uncle Mugen on Lemasoft forums like way back ago(I can't remember when though). I was strolling in Uncle Mugen's Free BG's and I read someone asking if she would make a Filipino VN. Just sharing. Anyway, I'll leave a review as soon as I finished playing it. Thank you for the hard work. :)

I'm excited to play the full version! <3 Keep up the good work!

I would like to let you know that the two CGs in the gallery the one with Aura and the teddy bears having a tea party and one next to it are missing. It only says 'mainmenu(somethin'somethin') not fond'. A very wonderful game by the way. Good job!

You need to go to that address to download the file.

Ah... This feels nostalgic to play. I've actually played it a few years back, probably 6 years ago(I was 12?! LOL) and I had fun playing it! I'll consider to play it once again since RE: Alistair++ was my very first visual novel that I've ever played. Keep up the good work you guys! I hope you continue to make games like this.