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Needs a mute button

I didn't expect the Jordan B Peterson (?) quote at the end. Also, one character seemed to have hair, but someone else said they were bald?

Amanda told me to be with my wife, so I went back to my wife. Then the game gave me a crash report. Do you want it?

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I've never played the original. I didn't even know this game had battles until I navigated off the page by mistake.

the vn keeps saying geyser instead of geezer. geyser is like a water fountain

Trading cats for coins doesn't work properly. :(

What are the controls?

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OneShot had a feature to change the desktop background back with the game itself. I think you should implement that, at least.  As a courtesy, even if I could technically change it back on my own.

also how do i change my desktop back

Tae.exe community · Created a new topic achievements?

there are no achievements even though i got every ending

You can do other letters too

I don't want to play again but I'm wondering if I can find a video of the entire game?

what is up with that? 10/10 wish i could say i beat the game

I wish this game had a mute button or some sort of volume control.