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This doesn't work well for non-widescreen monitors.

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oh, you can steal words from sneets! so that's how you have enough nouns

Died and got stuck. Ew.

I'd get rid of the "name your own price" thing to avoid potential legal troubles.

How come the escape key stopped working?

What's the difference between the two executables?

"twitched in order to succeed"

the "in order" part made me confused about the rules

I wish the pixel sprites had more contrast. It's hard to see the details of Paige's hair.

person above is triple queer

Do the colors of the choices hint at something or is it just based on whether they're the first, second, or third choice given?

Oh, ok! That does seem like you'd be at least tripling your workload. Can I at least change the comfort so that stronger feelings are more uncomfortable?

Looking forward to seeing what happens if I make the player character lose interest over time.

game won't let me press f to pay respects

Needs a mute button

I didn't expect the Jordan B Peterson (?) quote at the end. Also, one character seemed to have hair, but someone else said they were bald?

Amanda told me to be with my wife, so I went back to my wife. Then the game gave me a crash report. Do you want it?

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I've never played the original. I didn't even know this game had battles until I navigated off the page by mistake.

the vn keeps saying geyser instead of geezer. geyser is like a water fountain

Trading cats for coins doesn't work properly. :(

What are the controls?

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OneShot had a feature to change the desktop background back with the game itself. I think you should implement that, at least.  As a courtesy, even if I could technically change it back on my own.

also how do i change my desktop back

Tae.exe community · Created a new topic achievements?

there are no achievements even though i got every ending

You can do other letters too

I don't want to play again but I'm wondering if I can find a video of the entire game?

what is up with that? 10/10 wish i could say i beat the game

I wish this game had a mute button or some sort of volume control.