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Talk It Through doesn't reset when I try to play it again.

I like seeing the trolley drive around.

It's day 1092 and the character is a freshman. Is this a mistake?

I was about to make a comment saying the same thing.

Am I supposed to be able to skip the entire combat? I only tried running away because I remembered that I never saved before the first battle.

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I can be a vegan who drinks milk huh? Haha. I guess choices are mostly my own to make.

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yes i meant the clues. thank you, now i can see that it means stuff.

easy mode did not help in this case.

For Ch 2, I saw an arrow pointing right but where's the hint to go left?

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gosh it's a shame i can't romance zen

file "game/extras.rpy" line 137 broke

I like the diversity of the people. I do not like money.

Huh? We're shooting the pictures with the evidence bullets we collected from the same pictures?

the tech demo is too big for my tiny 4:3 screen

what fangame?

What do I do with the eye at the end?

I bought it on Steam, btw. thx.

Why is it called Trials of Harmony?

if i play the demo, will i be able to transfer my save to the full version?

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I can go underneath the stairs. hold up and right.

the one in the title.

also, the back button doesn't work for the same reason.

I didn't realize the thing at the bottom was a navigation

the easter egg hint doesn't work because everything's in the iframe

the link to the webcomic has changed twice since you wrote the description

are you going to make more joke mods?

how did they climb ladders without arms

> Peoples: Retrieve arms

This is tagged as high-contrast but dark red on grey is not high-contrast. I want to read.

"Please answer yes for quality control." why

episode 1 seemed to work but i'll download episode 2 just in case when i'm not so sleep deprived

"Lowest resolution supported is 1360x768." that's a wide resolution but it's also short. will 1280x1024 work?

Full-size bubbles are too attractive and absorb smaller bubbles :(

I like the update

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"shoot twice if you can read this" i can't reload my gun.

nvm r to reload.

I don't like how I have to make sure the flipper sticks left or right

This doesn't work well for non-widescreen monitors.

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oh, you can steal words from sneets! so that's how you have enough nouns

Died and got stuck. Ew.

I'd get rid of the "name your own price" thing to avoid potential legal troubles.

How come the escape key stopped working?

What's the difference between the two executables?