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I can't hear the sound.

i tried playing boba but i closed one of the windows and i couldn't open it back up

yeah, i'm the same person. i just happened to use this username here. thanks.

i don't think i found out the origin of blythe. i had to listen to the dev commentary to find out that twist, i think.

Oh, ok. I chose Nyari so I didn't have anything. :P

How do I click the pizza poster?

Customers appear much faster when you're not growing plants. Why?

Is there a way to test to see if my webcam/eyes are compatible with this game before downloading?

I already forgotten how I played the game and I'm not interested in replaying it, but thanks for the guide.

Is there a way to go lower than 198m?

I couldn't beat the ending. Is it possible? I'm fine with it.

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I did the janitorial tasks (cleaned every stain, tossed every can, checked every trash) but Mr. Davis isn't giving me the code. So, uh, that hint guide isn't helping me at all. It's just telling me to do the thing I'm already trying to do, while also semi-spoiling me.

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If you let the player decide what price is low enough, then it's not too much of an issue whether it's effective or not. When you have enough supplies, you can set the stockpile auto-buy price to zero.

In-game information to the floors and ceilings of the prices would be nice, too.

That sounds like a good idea. I'd tell you which endings I have, but I don't think I'd be able to do that without giving too big of a spoiler.

I've gotten six endings so far. I don't know if I'd be able to figure out how to get the seventh.

Is this NaniNovel?

i'll trust you on that. have a good week.

How do I view bad ending 12? I tried restarting the ??? route from the beginning so that I'd have a save that hadn't viewed the good endings, but it took me to the naming sequence instead.

The Gamer route seems to have two similar endings, but it's not a big deal if you count it otherwise. It was just surprising.

I seem to have unlocked the ??? route, despite not having unlocked every Gamer ending. I got scared, so I went back.

I tried attacking the dark priest but instead it was the cursed cross.

I've never been onthe left. I found the curiola. Thank you.

I don't know how to progress the corrupted ruins. I've slain the chained guy and went to the place where there's a new sword, but I can't teleport anywhere else.

Uh, was I supposed to choose equipment before anxious mode? that sure is something to be anxious about

there was a character that was described as dressing in "plain religious robes" and then he looked like THAT asofowegtnfh

I went to config but it was in Japanese.

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Dragging the cards is hard to do

All I see is a black screen on the left hand side.

Yeah, it was the credits. The beginning of the video in Sparacchino's post suggested that I could start a new game, but I guess not? Weird.

The game told me to replay it, but I can't because my character disappeared into Natura. They didn't die, so I don't get it.

I can inspect the desks and Coco shows off her wand even after it's taken from her.

Is there no music at the beginning?

That voice is kind of annoying.

i meant the multiball that's red and has the flask shape on it. i think it's called the matryoshka ball? anyway, it's not a relic.

It broke my run.

How did he write the letter without thumbs?

I got stuck but I don't know how to point out where. Somewhere in the second level, after the place where there's just one corpse and a bunch of splodey plates.

I watched the ending from the video posted, so I think I'm satisfied. I enjoyed the experience I had.

I couldn't finish the game. The game glitched when I was trying to chat but I walked away at the same time, so my mate never came online.

Is the Labyrinthe a library or a bookstore?