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Hiya! I posted these on my Twitter a while back iirc, but I made some reaction(?) images with Wizz, because quite frankly, this game has ruined me. Warning, long post, contains one (1) bad word. Wasn't sure if I should post elsewhere.

I managed to get the same bug again in open mode, so I've sent the save file for that. It fixed itself once I used the song cheat, btw.

Hello! I found another bug/typo. I have Natasha in my band, and it says she gets $500 a month when you recruit her and in the finance panel next to her icon, but it's subtracting $600. Also, Wizz costs $500 and bumps up to $1100, but it hasn't made me pay him (not that I'm complaining, lol). This time, I kept the save files, and sent the one that the relevant save is on.

I accidentally saved over the files that were glitching out, but I tried to recreate the bug with the song cheat in story mode, and it doesn't seem to be happening again. I also tried to recreate it in Open Mode (no cheats), but still nothing. Maybe it was just a very specific thing? I'll try to see if I can get it to happen again, since I remember most the things I did in that save. I'm so sorry about that. ;_;

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Hello! I'm really sorry if this is a long post, I've never posted here before. Um, I have been playing for a while, and around Dec/Jan of the fifth year, I started a fourth page of songs. I was going to record a new song for an album, but the third page of songs is completely gone. Also worth noting is when I select the song to record, I get the second page shown first. I waited before trying again to see if it'd fix itself (hence why it's in April). Quitting and reloading didn't help. I also tried using the updater, didn't help.  I'm currently on the "get popular" goals (during the music award nomination), if that helps narrow down what's happening.Screen 1

The first screen of songs

Screen 2

Second screen of songs. Appears when I click "record song"

Screen 3

Third screen. No songs.