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Dude , i have nothing to say .. you are born to be creative !!

Hmm that's an interesting direction you toke for your game

The game is good but the time between shots is making me nervous !!!!!!!!

Dani is that you ? .. Good fps game mate.

I shouldn't help that old man !!!

Good looking pixelated platformer with some old school mechanics, the music also is great it gives me the feeling of nostalgia somehow , great job.

Nice game well done man (azerty keybord btw)

This game deserves to be on steam

The game fits the theme very well and it's a really good game

Dude i loved it even though it was sooo hard (the game must be called little dark souls)

This is a really cute game , definitely one of the best in the entries

Turn it into a mobile game .. it can do very well if u make stunning graphics ..good luck.

If only the visuals where more polished...but it's a good game actually..good job!!

The game looks good , .. but the boss fight is sooooooooooooooooooooo frusturating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really liked this one , it's simple but fun.

I know the meaning of life .. it's just been happy and safe...

I can almost say this is perfect !! Well done !!

I will !!

I will definetly check your game and other games !!

I'm still in my beginning of my game dev journey .. so yeah i still lack the innovation of making a good gameplay that will keep the player interested.. anyways thanks for the feedback !!! 

I really didn't pay attention to that lol

Thanks for liking the concept , and sorry if the picture gave you nightmares lol

The concept is really interesting !!!!

Those animations where made quickly actualy

Thanks !!

An fps game in a browser , well that's something hard to deal with as a player , .. anyways the game is good if only you made the machine gun shoot bullet automaticaly with just a single mouse click..cause well it's a machine gun .., also the sound effect of the shot is disturbing u should replace it with a real shot sound effect man !!!! Anyways good job and stay creative

Euuh for that dangerous toxic smoke it's supposed to make a bit more challenge in the arena design , well i admit it's not perfect lol

Thanks mate , that art was supposed to be just a prototype but i was lazy to polish it more so i decided to submit it that way , glad you liked it.

No the coding is fine , it's just the sprite sheet of the animation that wasn't set efficiently

Glad you liked it

Thanks , i intended to polish it even more but i was  lazy lol

The game is good but please most of us have an AZERTY keyboard so keep that in mind while coding the input next time

10/10 ?? What are you talking about it's 1000000000000000/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technically that's correct

Game of the year everybody !!!!!!!!!! 

Yeah i agree with u on the lack of the sound effects , i shall add that today actually 

Yeah for that first text it's not important it does only serve the story , for the purpose of the game it's just collecting as much coins as possible without dying 

A new game i'am working on which i plan to release on Play Store

Oh i am so sorry for the late reply , thanks so much for the positive feedbacks , and for the tomatoes throwing and curtains yes , i did that with programming , cause programming is my thing

Well i'am pretty surprised with the positive feedback lol .. well i'am mad that i don't have have the time or the skills yet to make it look better