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Post your bugs here!

Ah, I see.

On a scale of one to ten how likely would you be to sue me if I used this for my project ?

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Thanks for the input! I'll start work on patching that bug and making the new design implements when I get off work.

Meanwhile, there is a README.txt that contains some useful info, and you can press h to get the basic version in-game.

Quick edit: what breaks at level 7?

It looks high quality! I'll have to try it out some time. I'm currently busy working on my project and managing a job, however, so I don't have much free time on my hands at the moment. Sorry!

Asylum of the Dwarf King is a free-to-play RogueLike using ASCII graphics and coded entirely in the Doryen Library (libtcod) for C++.  It is currently in the earliest stages of development, with only minimal features.

Visit my website!

It takes place in a world wherein the King of the dwarves has a secret obsession, and as a human caravan guard attending a shipment to the kingdom, you discover this obsession, his vile indulgence. You are cast into the catacombs, where you must hack through enemy after enemy to make your way back to the Overbright, and put an end to the King once and for all!

The Latest Build (11-27-17)

The latest build currently brandishes a refined movement code which should have smoothed out a bug run into by one of the testers. It also contains some expansion on the new boss.

Interesting. I'm looking into it, and currently testing out a new, cleaner version of the movement system for keyboard. Meanwhile, you might try the game using a gamepad.

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Play as Courier 45, a previously hired messenger but now drafted into the official ranks of the Empire of Forium. Your once beautifully neutral ship is now stained by the mark of the Crimson Cross, the emblem of the Empire of Forium. You carry a highly confidential message from the front-lines of the war against the AI uprising. Armed with two meager laser cannons, you must fight through the endless horde for your life, threatened by both those you work for and those whom you work against.

I've been working on this game for a hot minute, and I'm ready to start getting its name out. Though not yet finished, I'd like to share my progress with the community. Currently, you may buy the latest build (or support me on Patreon to get access to all the latest builds, as well as Discord roles and privileges), or you may download a free demo of the game. I post devlogs occasionally to keep any followers updated, however that number is low, so I'd like to increase it! Please follow my game, and in turn I'll make sure that you're happy with the final product.

The Progress So Far

I'd like to think I've come along way since step one. I'm currently working on making a second boss fight, after perfecting the first one, and it's already near done. The final stage of the first boss was added in a recent update, which replaced his previous final stage of just "go faster." This finale includes more enemies coming in and shooting at the player while the player juggles dodging and attacking the boss itself. On my Indie DB page, you may access the previous builds of the game and view just how far it has come.

The HUD still has a ways to come. It is currently a placeholder while my artist, Jon McBane (portfolio here), works on some new pieces. These include a new menu interface and some fancy shmancy buttons. The level you see there, "246" is not nearly as large as you might think. Levels go up by about one per second, or two at the most hectic of times.

The art you see in the screenshot above is primarily placeholder assets, I hope to make all of the art the work of Mr. McBane because of his style, and how much it agrees with the aesthetic I'm going for. However, if this isn't possible, then the above assets should work just fine. If you have any comment on this, please respond below!

The Latest Build (11-26-17)

The latest build currently supports both keyboard and controller inputs, and includes the new boss stage. Currently there isn't much incentive, other than to support me, in buying the latest build. However, in the next few updates, there will be.

Thank you for reading, and if you choose to follow me or support me in any way, thanks bunches!

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Report bugs here! Will be moderated under common-sense rules (no cursing, no unkindness, etc.)