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Can we get a free pc version (you know without the hats) because i am broke (and im mostly just to lazy to do things to get money lol)


just asking if there will be a theme or an optional theme or if there is no theme at all. Also the link to the discord  expired


sry I didn't look all the way down lol

G develop uses a  semi drag and drop system could I use that

G develop uses a  semi drag and drop system could I use that?

how would I NOT use this its amazing and It has a lot to offer and I use it in ( almost) every project that I make!

Thank you for the feedback! I cahnged the speed controll so it caps at 2 and 7 (not like anyone is going to do 7) I made the platforms spawn randomly on the y axis  and currently i'm tring to make a dubble jump mechanic. Agian thank you for your feedback!

I LOVE THIS GAME! I made a house in the day and it got SWARWED by monsters at night and it was overal very intense and fun! Nice job!

I agree

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I know I'm Sorry I now see how much of these messages you are getting I'm sorry i love this project and all it has to offer is much more than any other planer because I mean its in 3D! 

you should (just a sugestion) but you should add trees and flowers and also maybee bushes these dont have to texuted like the buildings but maybe in the next update???

Thank you!

Oh yeah ive been meaning to download that, thanks!

Beacuse I have no sense of rythm

does anyone know where I can find some free chiptune music???

VERY BAD i wish i could join

Laughables community · Created a new topic Im not funny

my jokes are bad

my laptop cant download this zip file for some reason can we just have a png to download?

hyper is amazing i am definentaly dona... wait... oh yeah i forgot that im broke...

im probobly going to use the cake sprite for a cake clicker like cookie clicker

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i also made it to 2 mil

I love all of your games and whenver i see a new one i try to recreate it in my own style

it says Failed - download error whenver it finishes it still says that when i try to do it from the website

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! i would donate but im broke lol

do you know a convertor i coukd use to make the .mid files mp3's

In the begening of the game there is a door and a switch how do i solve this

Ok thank you

Is there a theme to this or is the theme just love?