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The game gets stuck waiting for an "UP" input but neither the joysticks, D-pad, or anything else is recognized. I had to Alt+F4 to exit the game and unplug the controller, game is working fine now with keyboard controls.

This could have worked as a puzzle game if you made the map much, much smaller. Less time wasted on traveling, and players could see where they're going. That would let them plan ahead and know which direction to drop, rather than guessing and getting stuck. It's a neat concept and I'll admit that floating over the pit when I assumed the game was following platformer conventions was a wow moment, but the level design needs much work.

Nice idea! Currently it seems the optimal strategy is to camp near the spawnpoints and spam shots toward the opponent, since they seem likelier to bounce into them than back into yourself. Using the recoil to knock yourself over the spawnpoint for an immediate second shot feels fun at first but sort of strays away from the theme. The slow, deliberate controls also seem to work against the abundance of ammo and hectic bouncing.

A suggestion I have would be to disable the spawn points while the bullet it provided is still active on screen. Maybe the new spawn location could also move to where the bullet stops, adding a layer of risk/reward for getting close to bullets. With a fast enough shoot>evade>collect>shoot cycle, maybe you could even reduce the active bullet number down to Only One (TM) and still feel like a fun back-and-forth, though dodgeball seems like quite a popular direction already in this jam.

"Don't forget the runes are case sensitive" is just a perfect sentence.

Reached the end! Really liked it, especially after learning to chain swings after launching off to maintain high speed. I think zooming out the camera a bit, especially at high vertical parts will help a bit with planning routes and maintaining the rush. That and shortcuts being a one-way ticket back to a level with no warning were my biggest issues.

And hi Kyle! Loved the animation!

That makes sense! Keep it up :)

Cleared the demo! I like how it shifts from puzzle to action depending on enemy placement and level design. Got stuck once in a room exitable only by rat tunnels when the possessing timer ran out, and died in spirit form by water/chasm (I didn't notice my health dropping, and I think they should just work like barriers instead), but it went pretty smoothly.

Release is HYYYYPE!!

Awesome game, and it sounds amazing too! Are enemy behaviors linked to the music somehow? Here's my highscore so far

Merely being in their presence sends chills down my spine, we can't just leave them laying here out in the open. Maybe we should seal them off until we know more about this world.

Nussecke got too popular for Mai-chan to handle!

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Really like it! The screen suddenly scrolling messes up platform placing though, which would be my biggest complaint, but it's really impressive what you've already gotten done in 48 hours.

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Thanks for the feedback! Sound designer here, we're totally up for polishing it up in a postjam build, in the meantime you can preview some of the sounds I made here

Solid base mechanics, cute aesthetics and nice level design. Loved the bait sandwich! Fixed GDrive link with the UnityPlayer.dll