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I love how this game looks.

Game Title: Violet's Castle


Pitch/Information: A short platformer where you play as Violet and try to climb to the top of a castle in order to find her gf

I'd Like Feedback On: Everything except the weird camera bugs

So simple yet entertaining, I couldn't stop till killing it

It was fun, I love the animations

That was cute, I really liked the title song

Part 3:

As the end of the jam gets closer it becomes harder for me to tell how much progress I make on a given day; I fix some bugs, polish sprites, finish an animation, and get that tile just in the right place and call it a day.

Not to say that I don't have anything to show, I went from wanting to scrap this dumb looking design to making one of my own favorite characters ever:

And also found this really annoying bug  created a new fun mechanic:

I still have to work on more enemies and I've been avoiding the UI, because I think that the best UI is no UI, I also think making UI is boring.

Here is a bat, have a nice day

Day ??? Part 2

Half of the progress I made these couple of days can be sum up as following this tutorial series

I made a character that can move and a bunch of tiles the same way it is explained there.

After that, I spend hours going down a rabbit hole because I wanted two different parallax backgrounds, but the problem is that the inside of the castle didn’t stay inside. Eventually I gave up, but I ended up learning a lot about masking and lights which I'll use later to make some cool effects.

One thing this tutorial doesn't cover in detailed is jumping, you press a button and go up at a certain speed and that's it. Two things that I wanted to add were, acceleration and button pressure, but I can't honestly say that I succeed. It feels good to me but I am afraid that I may have spend so much time playing this game that I got use to my own bad controls, and the code is such a mess that I am too afraid to change anything.

Maybe somebody else can tell me if the controls feel right, If you got a couple of minutes here is a demo of the game.

I made a spider. you can kill it by jumping over it.

And I think that's it. There are a lot of weird pixel issues that I don't know how to solve and I still have to design the rest of the game, so good luck to me and everybody else participating.

Another character in processes that I may scrap.

This game looks amazing, their thinking faces are so cute!!

That's good to know, she may need it throughout her quest

Day 1:

Hi! I'm s7ai, and my project is a simple plataformer (you can only move and jump) where our character has to get to the top of a tower.

I'll be using Godot as the engine and Aseprite for the art. Everything else I'll get online.

What I have done till now:
I started by designing the Main Character "Violet Tiny Baby" as she was named in the chat. She is inspired by this image I had around from a game called  pixel princess blitz, I've never played it but it looks cool

I started with some sketches

And then I did the rest

While I am really satisfied with the results, I think the dress may not look that great especially the color. Any criticism is welcome.

I did three different animation that I think are enough for the rest of the game: Idle, Run, and Jump

And I separated the different parts of the body in layers so I can easily create new characters and animations

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Moving and jumping (hopefully with the animations but I know it won't happen)
  • Tiles
  • Thinking of a different gimmick for every level ( 5 sounds about right)