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Feels very classic atari and also classic terry. Good stuff

That one is intentional. You only gain watch time by seeing new things. (Currently also looking into the weird white start screen and mobile compat by the way) 

Really polished and clever, love all the art.

Very well polished good work team

That gave me a good chuckle. Great model shader and camera shake!

Didn't quite figure out how to progress but it looks very pretty

Amazing fitting all those mechanics and polish in, even if there were only a few puzzles they progressed well, I'd compare it to baba is you. 

Really cleanly implemented and polished

The art and music is fantastic! It's slightly unintuitive but very neat.

The art and music is fantastic! It's slightly unintuitive but very neat.

Reminds me of that one mario party minigame, great fun. Also pretty nice presentation

For being able to do that while learning a new engine is pretty impressive, good job!

Congrats on the RPS article! 

Neat! Key concept of programming, usually if it works it works.

Out of curiosity how long was total dev time?

That's a delightful render. Blender?

Super well made, neat!

Hey that's pretty neat. You got something done. There's a lot of cool systems in play here.

Minor quick patch because one of the settings wasn't working

Thanks as always. You are the best.

Hey, don't worry about it. Sometimes jams are a dud. there's always the next one. You got sound, which is better than what I did. 

Sorry about that. I forgot to include an instruction. press Z to continue the text. That was my fault. 

Cool take on the concept and really interesting. Although you should probably cap the falling speed at some point.

This was great! Gave a review on LD, and will mention it here, but the movement speed on the selected item was a bit fast. Other than that, everything was great!

I'm sorry. I'm an idiot. I didn't think that you needed cygwin, and I forgot to move it back in the driver file. I'm so sorry.

You posted about this on reddit a while ago? It looks great! Keep up the awesome devving.

My bad. Sorry. Just put it on the page. I will make a splash screen later today