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Should be fixed now.

Sorry the central server must have crashed, its back online now. :)

Hi solev, can you DM me on discord - IamZas#4859
I would like to see if I can resolve this bug

Where have you disappeared to! q.q

yeah actually that's a better idea, the souls dropping from the enemies.

I have added a small description to the game page so hopefully it helps people understand the soul/shrine mechanic.

Thanks. :)

Welcome to Universe 21, a 2d online role-playing open action adventure game, where you can make Powerful Characters that rival the gods, here is where you leave your mark, adventure beyond the stars, conquer or governate planets, and much more.

Check out the page.


  • Persistent Universe
  • Persisten open world planets
  • Organization System
  • Organization Outposts
  • Zone Control System
  • Settlement System(Not in yet)
  • Action based Combat
  • PvPvE Gameplay
  • Character Customization
  • Character Progression
  • Seamless Character Loading
  • Gear Progression
  • Skills Progression
  • Unique Races and Techniques
  • Ranking System
  • Organization Scout Missions

First week being on, helped me get quite the feedback and bug reports.

Here's our first update in!

Game Updates  Pre-Alpha v.1.0.10(Live now)

  • Reworks 
  • Update 1.0.10B 
  • Reworked the Shadows from being icon frames based to being a single frame and change its behavior with code in conjunction with the new hovering flight system. 
  • Player Base has been replaced with a new amazing base, thanks to Mane! 
  • Update 1.0.10C 
  • Reworked the Normal Attacks Combat System 
  • Normal Attacks work as a Combo now where pressing Q/Left Click 1>2>3, 3 will result in a knockback stunlock. 
  • Reworked the way Knockback works to compensate for the new normal combat system. 
  • Added 
  • Added a Reset Potion Item, allows you to reset the Stats of your character. 
  • Added Elite Npcs, they drop Reset Potions. 
  • Added a Dynamic Event System where defeating normal npcs will trigger the arrival of elite npcs  and defeating elite npcs will trigger the arrival of prime bosses. 
  • Update 1.0.10A 
  • Added 3 new Tutorial Missions, "Interact with the Ship Teleporter", "Scan your NPC Target" and "Race Evolution". 
  • Update 1.0.10C 
  • Added the full sprite for our first Hair, thanks to Mane! 
  • Tweaks 
  • Npcs mobs are now properly scaled on Braamia and Voslyria. 
  • Can't drop items until you're off the transport ship. 
  • Update 1.0.10A 
  • Made it so you regain your Tutorial Missions if you log off, when you log back in. 
  • Tweaks to the "Reach Level 75" mission, added a small description about how exp works. 
  • Update 1.0.10B 
  • Removed the need of having hovering flight frames, instead hovering is done via code, reducing the need of frames by quite a bit. 
  • Tweaked the level tooltip inside character window to reflect the new level progression. 
  • Tweaked the super flight so it has a 1 sec cooldown, so you can't spam cast it as well made it so when you're done holding it, it cancels the animation. 
  • Tweaked the scout missions so you can get missions beyond the level 250. 
  • Update 1.0.10C 
  • Disabled the reset of scout missions until after you completed tutorial. 
  • Tweaks have been made to the NPC AI to compensate for the new normal combat system. 
  • Bug Fixes 
  • Fixed Death Message, it now should display Character Name instead of Clan name when being killed, killed by. 
  • Fixed an issue where you'd be able to hold sprint while in super flight, consuming more stamina. 
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Escape wouldn't close the items tooltip you were hovering your mouse over. 
  • Fixed an issue where you'd be able to charge up while in the middle of casting your technique. 
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes your Power bar wouldn't consume properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where you could over scan. 
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltips not updating once you upgrade an item, when you mouse over the item. 
  • Fixed an issue where mobs above 275 wouldn't respawn after death. 
  • Fixed an issue with using power up techniques where it would break your power bar consumption. 
  • Fixed an oversight where newly created Characters via genes didn't get the proper passives. 
  • Fixed an issue where it wouldn't let you go past level 250. 
  • Update 1.0.10A 
  • Fixed an issue where you could rest while you were using super flight. 
  • Fixed an issue where you could super flight while you were resting. 
  • Fixed an issue where you could use normal attacks, techniques and ultimate while using super flight. 
  • Fixed an issue where getting koed doesn't switch the sprite to the ko state. 
  • Update 1.0.10B 
  • Fixed some more issues with resting and super flight 
  • Fixed some issues where you could rest and super flight while being koed. 
  • Fixed some issues where the misc items tooltip stick around on screen. 
  • Fixed an issue where prime bosses on Braamia and Voslyria wouldn't spawn correctly. 
  • Update 1.0.10C 
  • Fixed an issue where you could use mothership teleporter and character loader, before completing tutorial. 
  • Fixed an issue with the new flight system where npcs that were losing target, wouldn't reset their flight state. 

Hi, just wanted to introduce everyone to a game that i've been working on for about a year it's still far from being done, i wanted to make a game where you're in this Universe where you get to make powerful fighters, by fighting NPCs, collecting loot such as gear, techniques and items with different effects, conquer or governate planets by capturing Organization Bases and Zone Territories, Venture out into deep space explore new planets, and much more!

Feel free to try it out, if you need any help please join the discord, feedback is always welcome!