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Also, I never posted the excellent Between Two Cairns episode featuring The Isle!

Questing Beast did a review! 

So cool! I'm glad it went well!

Everything will get updated at the same time, so before second printing. No ETA at this time. Glad the epub is working for you!

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There are a few errors that slipped into the first printing. They'll be fixed with the second printing, but they should be pretty straightforward to divine. Room 12 key should have East instead of West, Room 15 is referring to the upper and lower exits both to the West (this one from a last-minute map change that didn't get reflected in the text), Floor 2 Room 22 should be deleted, Floor 3 Room 12 should read West instead of East, and the Sea Thing Growth map should have a connection between 8 and 12. Also the exits from Room 6 of the Sea Thing Growth are a little unclear: North and East are referring to the connections to 11 and 12 respectively.  

The ePub is fully bookmarked and easy to navigate while playing on a VTT, eg. In all honesty, I wasn't even going to release a PDF, the ePub serves every purpose better.

Generally when a character with a few too many injuries (say... four?) gets attacked, I'll say something like "The enemy comes at you with a fearsome attack! With your injuries, it could prove deadly. What do you do?"

If someone takes a "deadly blow" like that, I'll generally say something like "You're down for the count! This could be the end of the line for you," then after the encounter is over, I just ask them if they want to play their death scene or come back with a fun new permanent injury or something.

All of which is to say: don't be afraid to make things deadly, and also don't be afraid to let your players decide what that means for their injured character. They might surprise you! Just follow your nose, and listen to your friends. 😊

I'm aware.

I figured I'd drop this link here, so people in the jam can reference it. It's a growing catalog of what little information we have about the man.

Thanks! This means a lot, actually. For what it's worth, I've found myself writing poems a bit (a very little bit!) recently. So it looks like you never fully escape, haha. :)

Yeah, it's a small mistake, just a duplication we missed.

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Hi there! That's actually tucked away in the "Character Creation" section of the Wizard spellbook. Step 5 says you get 3 random spells at character creation. It's easy to miss, but space was a little limited! 

Same tbh, but there's a bit more info in the description for Anti-Gorgias 1, above.

It's actually a reference/commentary on "Sporting Life," by Jack Spicer. But I'll check out the Bukowski!

I mean, insofar as it's a collection of backgrounds for Troika.

a steal at any price

There's a channel in the Melsonia discord! Here's an invite link:

It's set up in spreads, not sure how that interacts with booklet printing. It's actually available in print at, if that helps at all.

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It looks like there's no file on the page! I want to see! :)

Hi there! I'm afraid I'm not savvy enough to make fillable sheets, but you're welcome to! 



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That's very sweet, but completely unnecessary! If you really want to give me money, feel free to buy another copy of 6e and just tip whatever, but for real: not needed or expected.

And I'd love to talk co-op bundles with you when you feel it's time. Hit me up here or on twitter or wherever. :)

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The guidelines are: make stuff please. :)

natalie knows what the people want, and gives them what they need instead

Holy Shit.

yo you didn't tell me hooden was good


Yay! I love this!

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in fullness of candor, both barons of braunstein and neoclassical geek revival do this too haha

haha when in doubt: jared is prob just being full of himself

Issue 2 out sometime!

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For enemy damage, I take it? I'd choose whichever of d4/d6/d8/d10/d12 seemed most appropriate for the given enemy's damage.

Affinity Publisher is the only layout software I have! I don't know if InDesign or other programs can open the file.

i guess i could make some classes and spells and remarkable items and shit i dunno lol

I fucking wish.

Maybe! The factions definitely imply plenty of setting material (as do the backgrounds) as they stand, but there's a strong possibility of an adventure and/or list of hooks. 

You *know* it is.