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Fixed a frame-rate issue for the prototype. If the game looks to be running slower than 50 frames per second, let us know

Wow uh I have never done this before and quite honestly I never expected myself to do this. In fact I have never done prototyping for my games and asked for the early feedback. So I guess it's about time now. Because indie development has made it become harder and harder to get some attention and feedback :D

So I am doing my first commercial game, OMEGAz. A 2D side-scroller game with absurd humor in it. inspired by the tone in
Rise of The Triad (2013). The game is set in a totalitarian city, USA year 2020. The security company Proioxis control the city.
In this city, everybody who dress in a certain way, voice something controversial or are considered a danger to Proioxi's rules are punished violently. You play as Kinsaku (odd name yeah yeah) who frequently gets in trouble with the fanatics in Proioxis.
On one fateful night she storms their HQ in order to save a dear friend from being executed, as well as attempting to bring their organization to an end

Kinsaku was intentionally written to be a dislikable and cold character, in order to bring a different category of protagonists to the table.
I also did this to provide players with an emotional experience. But, OMEGAz is in fact not really about the story and deep characters.
OMEGAz is about providing players with absurd unrivaled demented humor, non-cliched gameplay and a strong audiovisual cooperation.
Jumping into OMEGAz and expecting logical sense and realism will only result in seizures xD It's best to prepare yourself

Here is a list of planned features:
- Power suits and disguises
- Stealth segments
- Optional story branch
- Controllable bullets
- Boss battles

I got two prototypes out here now, they are meant for showing of Maximus, the prominent weapon the player is armed with.
But more prototypes will come, and they will get more and more advanced and decorated with each one.
You can keep track of them here

Thank you for your time and I hope for some feedback. Because as said, it's almost impossible to get today.
I can also return the favor, but you have to link me to your project

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We did a big mistake if not the biggest when we developed our debut

we did zero marketing

therefore, it is paramount that people like you excist, and can hopefully help people like us

Our game is very untraditional and odd. It is a weird combo of Visual Novel with gameplay. It will turn many players away, with only a minority of people liking it. Our game is called The Hi-Finesse 2D and is available for free download. The game is a prologue for an intended epic metaseries. This prologue is about 15-20 minutes long.

Hi-Finesse 2D

I want this thread to become big.......hopefully. I want this thread to be dedicated to one purpose: Reviews for Reviews.
Because i have come across some people, includeing some on Deviantart, that, like myself, struggle with getting feedback

What does this mean? It means that you click on one poster's game-link, play his/her game, review or score it on their page,
before posting your own link to your own game back here at the thread.


1: Notify the member you are going to check out, by replying to their comment. Starting with me i guess
2: If you decide to write a review, end the review with a score (0-10 or 0-5 scale)
3: You can also just solely stick to the star-rating system
4: Both types of feedback must be sincere, critical and serious. NO SUGARCOATING!
5: Reviews and star-ratings are to be put on the developer's game-page or their forum. NOT HERE!

have fun :D


Who will be playing and judging our games? And when will the results be made official? :)

we have only two ratings so far (4/5) and zero reviews :(

our game is free

it is a science-fiction visual-novel with fully interactive segments. The story is set in Vancouver year 2022.
A school is prepping for a virtual-reality championship :D

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there are many members.......but only 2 games submitted :<

when do da others join yoh? :/

btw, my game is about people with autism, i consider them a minority in media, they are almost never that alright? Or do my game HAVE to be about sexuality?

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pretty alright game this :D

the AI is good and aggressive, unlike many 2D low-budget indie games

the sounds and music brings a very nostalgic feeling to the experience

but i did not like that the impact sound for damage from enemy was the same as the sound from collecting souls? It made me a little bit confused there ;)

pretty alright low-budget game :D

and perhaps you would like to try our game as well some day

I havent thought about that. My main priority, or only one, is to share my story with the world.

I will let everything else be up to destiny to decide.

Don't try to get another answer out of me, it is futile ;)

I don't wish nor hope to win anything in particular, except for people's heart and interest ;)

thanks, things have gotten a little bit better now. I recieved my first feedback from a fellow gamedev from Deviantart. She gave the game a 4/5 score. I didnt expect that but........i shall not complain XD

anyway, im developing 2 new games now, so im not gonna give up on my passion :D

My friends have for over 2 years said that they are interested in playing my game when it comes out. But now when i drop the link to them, they ignore me and doesnt give a single shit in me. Traitoooors xD That hurts alot. I feel ignored. Because what have the hard work been for......when nobody on the planet wants to give it a try? Without feedback, how can one possibly grow as an artist?
Without feedback, it is impossible for me to know what to avoid and what to improve in future games xD

Im going to give this forum a try :D
This is the link to my game:
The game is a science-fiction visual-novel with fully interactive segments. It tells the story of 3 characters with Asperger's Syndrome (i have that as well) that prepares for a Virtual-Reality competition on their school in the year of 2022.
But meanwhile, there is a political struggle in the city wich might affect their life and part in the game.

And uhm.......i have no damn idea how you "embed" a picture or video here. All i see is "insert link".