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Fantastic little game!  The card interactions are great and Clem is challenging opponent.  Would love to see this game expanded!

Incredible game!  I love the attention to detail in the character and the environment.  The game feels smooth and I'm really enjoying the mechanics.  I'm glad it saves too because my brain is fried and I need a break.

The game started with Space to go through dialogue, switched to Enter to select cards, then Q to attack.  All of that can be on the Spacebar or Enter.  "End Turn" could also be a selectable button to remove the need for more buttons.  For a turn based menu like this you really just want menu navigation, confirm, and cancel to be the only keys the user needs to press.

I enjoyed this a lot!  I like the character art and music.  The card system was interesting although it would have been helpful to automatically trash cards for points at the end of the round.  I would also consolidate the buttons because having three different buttons for confirming actions was confusing.  Looking forward to seeing more!

Love this game!  It's so cute!  The new ending is great too.  This feels so polished and cozy.  Pushing the snails in multiple directions doesn't feel intuitive to me, but otherwise incredible job!

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Incredible game!  I love the pixel art and the subtle animations that kept everything lively.  I was also able to make the results screen fly away with Z.  The automated tweet at the end is genius!  Great job!

Really enjoyed this!  There was some inventive uses of the placement of the dead body and the respawning.  I liked the ending to the story as well.  Great job!

This was a really neat idea well executed!  It was a fun struggle to balance the curses to continue the war.  I thought it was great there were more curses to unlock too.  I love the design of the little characters!  Great job!

Cool game!  Feels pretty polished.  I wish the collectables were a little easier to grab.  I do like the addition of the flip mechanic.

Really interesting idea well executed!  I found it easy to figure out and fun to allocate the dice.  I wish there was something more you could do with the fours and fives, but otherwise great job!

Really cool game!  I love "Hoplite" and I'm glad someone made a more expanded version.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the delayed attacking but the tactics feel great.  Fantastic job!

Had a lot of fun trying out the demo.  I think the death sound effect is a bit much but enjoyed everything else.  Looking forward to the full release!

Another great idea well executed!  The art is great and the monkeys are adorable.  I'm terrible at these kind of timing games but this seemed pretty forgiving.  The only thing I would add is a little more explanation as to when you gain or lose energy.  Otherwise fantastic job!

I saw the gnome and had to play this.  I enjoyed this a lot!  I like that it said which items were upgrades.  The effects on selling were enough I was not bothered there was no bulk sell option.  I wish the starting options were a bit more tactical because it almost feels like an idle game until you get some upgrades.  Otherwise, great game!

Really cool game!  The mechanics did a great job of telling the story.  I like that there was different dialogue between the difficulties was well.  Only addition I would add is a wait button so you don't have to run around waiting for the fire to burn down a bit.

This is an interesting idea but there is a bit too much going on for me.  I like the idea of spelling words quickly based on what you can pick up but watching the character run around and clicking letters in and out of the word bar felt clunky.  I think I would find the game more playable if I automatically pick up a letter when clicking and could rearrange the letters much more freely.

I love the art!  It reminds me of that N64 Kirby mini game.  The woryls are a neat idea but I worry it's too easy to just feed your opponents woryl to win.

Fantastic job!  I really enjoyed this!  Creating your own bouncing obstacles is a really fun mechanic.  I like the final invincible level as well.  All the game really needs is a level select.  At any rate I would put Quit on the Escape key and use another button for advancing levels.

Yeah, where holding down the button gives it more power.  You'd have to test it and probably change the level design, but I feel like bouncing around at different speeds might be easier to control then waiting for the right angle.

Flopped around, found out I'm not good at flopping.  Navigating the level is a lot of fun, although I found wall climbing a bit too finicky to finish it.  I wonder how the game would play if the button were tied to power rather than angle.

Great job and cool experience!  I had a bit of an issue with the screen effects not covering the whole screen, but otherwise fantastic job!

This is the superior idle dice game.  The sound adds so much to the game and I regret not adding to my own  game.  I wish there were a bit more strategy in the die placement and the card art is lacking, but otherwise fantastic job!

This was a lot of fun!  I love the presentation of the game and the intro did a great job of setting the tone of the game.  Allocating the dice and spending only certain cards was a great way to work around the randomness.  The battle system was good if a little finicky figuring out the element types.  Great job!

Thanks for playing!  I thought about adding other die but it would have been hard with the pixel/voxel style I went with.

Absolutely fantastic game!  Math puzzles is a really neat concept and the managing the randomness was a lot of fun.  Just the right amount of difficulty as well to go along with the soothing atmosphere.  Great job!

I wanted to like this more.  I like the concept and the graphics are fantastic but the core gameplay is a bit too simple and randomized.  A few balance tweaks to make the earlier levels easier would do a lot for me.  Would love to try the game again if it gets updated.

I really enjoyed what I could play!  Rolling to jump was a really neat way to integrate the dice mechanic.  Unfortunately, the door for the next level bugged out on me and ran away but I still had a lot of fun hopping around.  I like the cute graphics as well.  Good job!

I really enjoyed this!  The chess like nature of the gameplay was fun to play around with.  I liked the pace of gameplay and presentation of the game as well.  Great job!

This was my favorite game of the jam so far!  The amount of content for a jam game is impressive.  The integration of the die mechanic into every action from exploration to attack was inventive.  Exploring the world and the mechanics was a blast.  The only issues I ran into was the enemies were a bit sparse and easy to kill and connecting paths was a bit of a pain sometimes.  Absolutely incredible work on this game!

This was a fun little game!  I especially like the characters and the background music.  Rolling for weapons was fun but I didn't use it once I got a weapon I liked.  The grainy background could use some work and the enemy hit effects could have a little more juice but otherwise good job!

This is a really neat concept!  Adjusting to the knobs to fly based on die values is a neat way to incorporate the theme.  I enjoyed the retro presentation as well.  The only thing I would have liked to see is an indication on the ship of it's current velocity, so you can better tweak the knobs to adjust it.  Otherwise, fantastic job!

I thought this was a nice quick puzzle game.  A few more levels would have hit the spot for me but otherwise great job!

Thanks for the note!  I must've really messed up the code when I was rushing to add the upgrades in.

Thank you so much!  This really made my day!  Congrats on the crazy high score!

Thanks for playing and for the feeback!  I've got few different bugs to hunt down it seems.

Thanks for playing!  I crammed all the buttons and text all little close cause I was in rush.  I added all the upgrade stuff on the final day.

Thanks for playing!  I was rushing to add upgrades so there might be bugs.

I wish I could finish this.  The presentation of the game is great and so is the core concept.  Unfortunately, I got too frustrated with the buggy dice allocation and the constantly resetting puzzles.  The stat allocation is interesting but I don't think it works well with the random nature of the dice.  I enjoyed what puzzles I had the patience to finish.  With a few tweaks and bug fixes I would be interested in giving the game another shot.

Thanks for playing!  I was rushing to get the upgrades into the game, so I'll have to check if it's working correctly.

Yay more gnome games!  This was fantastic!  I enjoyed the relaxing nature of the game and the strategic tile placement, although I would have like to see less tiles and more interactions between them personally.  I would have liked to see mouse controls for panning the camera along with the keyboard.  Wonderful game and I enjoyed it a lot!