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Why not, right? ;) 

Post Processing didn't want to co-operate with Android so it got cut, sadly. 

Is QaaS using Metal on macOS? I've found that for whatever reason OpenGL 3 seems to give better performance more consistently for whatever reason.

I'm running Standard quality at 1080p - running a little better today than yesterday for whatever reason (maybe since it's a different/randomized environment every time I start it up). The input seems delayed, but I'd guess the frame rate at 15-20ish now. Windowed 640x480 is much better. Thanks for the tip! I can definitely play it like this.

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Like the title says, it's gorgeous. I love the idea. I want to hang out in this world and click stuff and play around all day long. However - this takes some serious GPU power to play. It supports Mac, which I appreciate, but it's slow on the top-end 2017 MacBook Pro 15" (w/ 4gb Radeon Pro 560) which is sorta silly. 

Get this for your gaming rig, but don't get it for your Mac unless you've got a iMac Pro or something. This person is serious about the GeForce 970 gpu requirement!

No, sorry!