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You're welcome for sure. :) Yep, I know of GaymerX!

Actually I do have a (hopefully) constructive criticism.
I feel like having prizes is tacky. Having winners and losers of actual goods doesn't fit well with encouraging people to make personal things or with friendly community-building for marginalized folk.

Plus, the prizes are too small for hours and hours of work. Sometimes big prizes can be tempting but that's a greedy feeling so I don't know if that would even be positive either. As it is maybe it's even kinda patronizing, like doing a favour for someone and then they throw you a quarter as thanks. :p

Just wanted to say that I noticed this jam last night and I'm really excited! Too bad there aren't more entrants yet but having consecutive jams should help. As someone who doesn't fit into the normal world, I like the sense of community I get from participating in queer creator spaces so I'm excited for the future ones, too!