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Really Good Game!!! Can't Wait for full realease

Amazing Game! If only the the darkness to a tiny bit longer to come, it would be better! Sometimes it comes a bit too fast. Other than that, great game! i haven't beat it, but ill def come back too it!

I had fun playing this, but it felt like something was missing. I figured out what was missing though. . . . It was chase music and ambient music. I knew something was missing, lol. Anyways, good game hopefully you make another one I'll be happy to play!

Had a good time playing this! Had a great spooky atmosphere as well, Great work! Can't wait to see what else you make!

Amazing game!!! The jumpscares are freaking great too. Even the deer scared me 🤣!


Loved every single second of this! This game spooked me a ton, VERY well done!

To be honest it was kinda good. If only if there were jumpscares, but the unsettling atmosphere made up for it as well as me being intrigued of what happened to this world. I kind of enjoyed it.

These Jumpscares are crazy, Amazing game. Looking forward to what else you make.

Here's my reaction

Glad you made this! This man was a great fear of mine back then and I finally am able to play a horror game with Micheal in it! Amazing game!

Amazing game, very creepy, very unique and interesting. Definitley a must play!!


Amazing Game!! I love the puzzles and story with this game, really fun to play too! 

This game is extremely well done. The scares got me a ton and the concept and design of the game is extremely well done. The only thing I would say about this is that the volume is kinda low in the audio logs, but other than that extremely great game!

Really cool horror game, the scares were good, and the graphics were great too.

This game is really well done! the graphics were amazing, the atmosphere was creepy as freak, and the the game was really fun to play! That scare got the freak out of me too. lol. great game, can't wait to see more from you

Really amazing game!! The girl behind you in the hallway was really freaking creepy!

Really creepy vibes as you walk around and explore. And that jumpscare caught me bad at the end. Great game!

LOL, no worries

This game was difficult for me to complete due to how scary it was. Great game!! I gotta jump back on here and play it once more. 

I peed myself, Great Game! 👍

This is the scariest game I've played in a minute! it has all my fears put in here, rats (large rats at that), sewers, sharks and darkness. Lol 10/10

Really good game! It was kinda spooky and I once I loaded the game I got a nostalgic feel of 2000-2010s horror game style which was a nice vibe!

Great short game! The snake was scary even if I knew it was coming. Can't wait for Choo Choo Charles!

I liked this game a lot. It had that 2010s horror game feel to it and I liked that. Atmosphere was really good, and the jumpscares was great.  I just couldn't finish it because I was too scared, lol. Great Game!!

Gameplay starts at 5:40

Fun game the jumpscare really had me, lol great game!

Amazing game!! I'm hoping  for great release on this game. The jumpscares and atmosphere is great too!

Really great game, though I'm scared to complete the rest of it. That hallway jumpscare killed me, lol. 10/10!

Here's my reaction.

No Problem, lol and yeah OBS has been slacking on me lately

This is probably the best horror game I've played. The story is so well done and the scary vibes it gives off the longer you play and progress is amazing!. definitely a must play. Here's my playthrough of the game, sadly the ending didn't record because OBS.

This game is really good! This gave off creepy vibes and the story seems interesting too. hopefully you make a second one, this game was great!

Really well made game! Can't wait for the full release. The concept of this game seems unique, the puzzles are great and the puppets are scary! So far this game seems promising.

Very good game. very unique and the soundtrack scares the freak out of me. I've play this in a 3 scary games video, gameplay starts at 12:40

This is a extremely good horror game! The thing in the water scared me a ton. The style is great and the ambience is horrifying. I played this in my 3 scary games video. gameplay starts at 29:25

Really good game! The monsters were all horrifying and the jumpscares were good too. 

Really Good Horror Game!! This game is really scary and the ambience throughout felt really creepy! I've also played Summer of '58, which is really good. That game made me truly scream to my loudest. Here's My play-through

I've completed the game a bit ago. Very awesome game!! Hoping for a part 2, possibly... 10/10! 

Extremely well done, That Jumpscare scared the life out of me. 10/10

Really good game!! This game has GREAT potential. I can't wait for the full release. 

Extremely scary and unsettling. The tension on this was really good. My butt cheeks was clenched the whole time, lol. That jumpscare got me good too. 10/10