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One of the two - hi there, it’s me! - is :)

Hey man,

Just pushed a new Windows build up - so don’t forget to update if you plan on playing again :) Fixed that issue with the seed input, but otherwise the big thing in this update is reworking systems related to enemy spawning which will hopefully help with your frustrations too. Namely, enemies now spawn more spread out between different rooms. I’ve also fixed a bug that prevented the enemies from “deactivating” - meaning that now, if you run away from an enemy and manage to break line-of-sight for a few rounds… they will exit combat and stop following you. So you’ll actually have a chance of getting away (unless you run into more monsters!) Also tweaked idle enemy movement - it used to be very… erratic. Enemies would sometimes basically hiddenly warp between rooms, even though that would have made no logical sense. Now they only “idle-move” around in a way that would actually be valid behaviour for them.

All of these things will hopefully make for a bit less frustrating experience 🤠

Once again, from me as well - thanks a lot for playing! This kind of feedback motivates us a lot and is extremely appreciated.

All the best, stay safe.

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Hey Jason, thanks for letting us know! Will fix it for a next release. Oh and the bug report from the feedback form did arrive, just so you know :)

Hey @CTRL+FU (not sure itch supports a tag like this) - just updated the Windows build.

Hopefully it'll fix the problems you were having. Let us know in any case.

Thanks again for playing :)


Sorry, we got side-tracked what with Holidays and everything going on.

I promise to get at least new Windows build out in the next few days, which will hopefully alleviate the issues you've been having - and we've integrated a neat feedback form (which can be used to report bugs too)

Thanks for the patience!

Hey Jason,

First of all, thanks for trying and for being so helpful with the bug report :) 

Unity Cloud error - Analytics is a good guess. We aren't actually using it for anything, at least not intentionally, but had it as one of the installed packages, so I've removed that now. Maybe some Asset we're using is trying to send an anlytics event... weird, in any case. Haven't seen it myself.

"Cannot get component" error - whoops, that's just my bad programming. Some Entity trying to access the Health component of another (probably destroyed) Entity's Health. If you get it again, then getting a log file could help debug that specific case - the log file has some more lines to see more specifically where that specific error stemmed from.

Again: thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Dang, thanks for reporting - managed to replicate it. 

I'll definitely fix it for the next update.

Sorry for the trouble, and again - thanks a lot for bringing it up.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it!

The music is just *perfect* for that "I am alone in space" vibe.