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This writing is so so so good !

Love this so much!!!!

My favorites are def 3 and 11a so far! I love the writing, there is really good natural feeling world building !!!!! :) a very happy purchase that I look forward to diving into more :)

and omg wow you worked on Longstory!!! you are like a celeb!!!! I loved that game too! 

This is super incredible, thank you so much for making it! 

your sprite work is so good! amazing!

Oh my god I love this thank you for making it!!!!

Hi! That is all great! Honestly the way I read it, I just figured I could use the prompts for one player for all players? As similar things happen to different people, its just how each character interacts with them that makes them special :)

I really can't wait to play this sometime. I can see so many ways that this would be fun fun fun with some of my friends! I am so torn between checking out the prompts and just waiting to play a game and be *surprised*

of course! If you ever want a music contribution for another game, I would love to write something for a story you make :)

Wonderful game! The art and writing was very cute, thank you for making it :)

omg this game is amazing

Oh my god I am so excited!

Ah! a test!


turned it into an HTML game and supposedly works now :)

oh no! I will admit I do not even know how to look into this, but I will, thank you for bringing it to my attention! 

Hi! my Games have also started becoming really slow! I use Chrome. I will admit, one of them is rather huge (tons and tons of rooms, plus music that is playing the whole time), but when I first made it the game def wasn't sluggish. 

(grateful for bitsy!)


OH NO! I am sorry! That REALLY IS just horrible game design! It was originally the seven hidden trinkets and I must have just not fixed all the text. It was part of a game jam (and one of my first games really) so I just messed up! I am supper sorrrrry!

Cool yay! ok, so the last one is during the highway in between the second and third castles! some of the rocks are "climbable" there should be like a whirlpool if I remember correctly? (this is terrible game design if I can't even remember hahaha) thank you so so so much for playing my game!

oh wow thank you for playing this! Did you find both of the huts where the explorer/treasure hunter/fisher lives? If not, to the east of the Heirophants Castle there is a dock with one of them, you might find some clues there :)

this is totally amazing. I thought I was being kind of clever with bitsy but you are a genius!

oh my god! I am so happy!  Thank you so much for playing my game, and for including it on your youtube channel! This has totally made my week :) :) you were and are so very very nice!!!! :)

oh my god also your bandcamp music is freaking INCREDIBLE

This game is amazing! If one of the blogs I write for will let me, do you mind if I do like a short feature on it?

oh wow that is so strange! I haven't had someone start off there before! interesting thanks for the screenshot!

This is great I love it!

hi! which upper left corner? you mean of the first screen or another? Thanks for playing! Yeah I honestly have no idea how to make a volume pad for a game like this, but hopefully in the future!