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im going to reply to my own comment when we finish this, and so will lucy. that being said she is sat right next to me laughing. we're gonna finally play this together in person for once, she has her double stuffed oreos  and little coke bottle, my bowels finally opened which means it's a good day to play this. love you kiss kiss im so sorry. 

or am i

hey thanks for updating me! lucy is actually coming over in around a week and we've decided to play it together! also if you really put in the wario voice i will literally cry! so excited!! :))

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my friend and i just played this together, btw we're typing this simultaneously. i really like the character interactions; they feel truer to life. plus the story is so unique to any other games that i've played. i can't believe you ended the first act where you did. which means that i'll be keeping an even closer eye on the game than usual. 

how could you do this to us. also did i mention that i love this game so far :)

i'll think about him fondly on the occasional tuesday

yeah, it was awesome. thank you.

but why plaid. why. what did he do the sweetheart. why chadlet. why.

i havent played it yet. imma come back when i have. teeth

plot twists? i think so. u had me in a headlock, i think again. aight imma quote my friend '365 days could never.' imma head out now thanks, get some sleep

play this first man. total mind change. appreciate the flex of it all.

Just saying, my friend and I lucy aka bitchesman played this together, and we're absolutely gutted that we finished part 1 already :( we love it so much not even kidding. the humor, the characters, the subtle jump scares? Hell yeah! we love it all man, and we literally cannot wait for when the next part comes out, because WE. ARE. HOOKED. and we'll wait for how ever long it takes for you guys to make it happen :) 

would would would recommend <3

btw i love this game

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you flirt with whoever for the first few chapters to get a better feel of their personalities, so yes you can flirt with them all technically. Then in/after chapter 4 you get the option to pick a romance route for only one character. You also get the option to enter into a poly relationship with more than one character (I think) like if you choose Alkar's route, since him and Omen are close you can enter into a relationship with both of them.