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I love this game - both the story and the art style are beautiful, and I love Rourke and Adair being kinda clueless about the outside world. 

I love this series so much! Manami was really relatable (I'm asexual too) and this was just really sweet and really showed that it can be difficult to tell what you are feeling

I loved The Halloween Otome, and I liked The Valentine Otome well enough... but playing this, I'm really wondering. Is this a romance series, or is it some drama about Osiria's family? Because it keeps getting advertised as the first, but both Valentine's and this one feels like the second. I don't have a problem with Osiria and the side characters, but it would be more effective for them to have their own darn game instead of constantly hijacking this one when I'm trying to play a romance otome.

Love this so far! Gyof's sing-song voice is the best.

On a Windows laptop, I downloaded the game in the desktop app. When I click on "Launch", it switches to "Running" for a few seconds, then switches back like nothing happened. There's no error message or new window or anything.

On my Android phone, I start the game, the Willowish Studios logo appears, and after that it's just a blank black screen for about half a minute before it crashes completely.

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The game doesn't launch for me at all :( I downloaded and click on Launch, but nothing happens.

I'm sad because the mobile app hasn't been working for me since the update either.

Awesome, I'll check out the demo! Do you have any estimates on when that game will be out/the price raised?

I absolutely loved this?? I know I said this about the other one but-- Obviously this was more difficult to read because of the heavy topics discussed, but the love between the two protagonists was just so strong and refreshing and you could feel it in every sentence. Thank you so much for writing this <3 (Note: There was a confusing moment for me? I didn't get the ghost's name when it first appeared but then the protagonist knew it anyway the second time. Idk if that was intended or not.)

This was amazing and I really wished I could read more. I loved both of the characters so much, and all their interactions were so sweet. I'm gonna go replay with different choices now :)

Beautiful game with two wonderful love interests! I really love that the MC is customizable, too. I also adore the story, though I admit I always felt bad for whichever guy I didn't pick because I love them both.  :(

Thank you so much for making this game! I already played all three routes, and while I agree that the normal ending was a little lacking, I feel like it's sort of understandable - you as the player chose not to learn more about Silas, so it's your own fault that your journey with him is kind of awkward :)

The friendship and especially the romance however were beautifully written and rewarding. I also loved the romance ending, although it was a little strange for me that Silas and the main character had that whole romantic conversation apparently with the other two rescuers still in the room. I think adding just a few more lines where they are left alone would have made the ending feel smoother.

The CGs are also beautiful, and I'd love to tell you my favourite parts but I'd rather not post any spoilers here.