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Oh no

Oh maaaaaan no! T_T I watched the video, you didn't notice that you played 3 differents levels! The fact is it's generated from several pieces (chunk?) of level and each time you win add a new harder pieces of level in the pool for generating the next level. So you encounter several time some pieces but it was always a new level! Sorry if it seemed not clear to you. If you replayed the demo, in 8 runs you would see the evolution really quick, and the last chunks of level are really challenging compared to the the starting chunks. We tried to enhanced this part of the game in the full game as it can be tedious for good players, but we want beginner to feel at ease at the beginning. Maybe try the new demo we did for the Steam next Fest, and aim to finish it, you'll see what I explained.
Anyway, thanks for featuring our game :) and good job for master the PowerJump that fast! 

Salut! A ma connaissance on est tous basé en France! 

Salut BaruchEtMoi! Merci d'avoir joué a cette alpha! Effectivement c'est un bug qu'on nous avait déjà remonté, l'alpha n'a pas été mise a jour mais la version complète n'aura pas ce problème!

Huge thank you for this review, we really appreciate having feedback! 

Haha it seems that you were too salty! Glad you've finally enjoyed it!

Hi there Cheese Ghoul!  It seems that you had some issues with the dash jump, we hope that it didn't bother you that much to enjoy the demo.  And thank you for your review!

Oh, thank you for this feedback and for your video!

Huge thank you!

Unfortunately, this idea is against our concept of "fast learning", but thank you for your suggestion!

Oh thank you for your feedback ! Concerning the soundtrack please don't use it until any official" publication on Soundcloud or Spotify. But  feel free to follow Thomas Barrandon on these plateforms.  

Hi! thank you for your feedback.  At least you're the first one to report that. Two questions : Are you playing on a keyboard or with a controller?   Do you have a record or something?

merci Keuti pour ton retour, on prend tout cela en note et on espère que la version finale te plaira !

merci beaucoup !

Hi Gekko ! 

thank you so much for your feedback !

Olá, obrigado por experimentar o jogo!
Não sei se você continuou, mas se você voltar várias vezes para a cachoeira, o jogo vai ficar cada vez mais difícil e ter algumas surpresas guardadas para você! Obrigado pelo vídeo, nos ajuda muito!

Salut Gentle_Squirell, merci pour ton retour! je prends en compte ta remarque sur les rebords, on cherche une solution mais une animation en plus serait plutôt génante pour la fluidité du gameplay je pense, dans le sens pour pendant l'animation tu n'aurais pas le contrôle. Mais on va trouver une solution!

Hello Ntext4ever, we released a new version of the demo, can you try it and tell me if it's working or not? 

Hi BristledKing, thank you for your comment! Actually "Press A" designate the "A" button of the xbox gamepad, Not a very intuitive choice I reckon :( We will improve on this. Also, thanks for playing our game! :)

Hi Ntext4ever! We are using InputMaps for now as we were not aware that it could be an issue with other systems. We are lacking the possibility of testing fully on Linux and Mac for now, we need to address this issue. As I said to BristledKing, "press A" is for gamepad ^^' it's a bit clumsy of us, I'm sorry about that. But Enter should work!

Ok we will investigate the issue on linux, but it seems that you are the only one in this case as far as we know, and other version (win, mac) don't have this issue...

Hi Ntext4ever, thank you for your message, please let me know, you are in Windows, Linux, Mac?