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This is such a nice concept! Thank you for making this, I love the colours, design, and aesthetic!

Talk to a cat. It's definitely a cat.


Just a suggestion! It would be cool if you were able to add music to your game (could be looped in the bg or based upon different rooms you enter, customisable by dev). No problem if it's too tricky or in the far flung future, though!


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Sorry it's taken so long but I've played Deluge and I enjoyed the game!

The art is really nice and the music choices were spot on, I was absorbed into the mood of the game very well. The dialogue that appeared on screen broke the flow of the game, in my opinion, so perhaps changing the dialogue text to another colour or style would help! Other than that and a few grammatical errors, your game was really good!

Thanks for playing and enjoying the game!

Yes, there's only one ending for Wisteria that we could do in the time that we had.

Haha, thanks for playing and loving the game! We'll definitely think about making more games... maybe we'll make another one with some familiar characters too!

Thanks for the compliments! We're glad you enjoyed the game :-)

Hey, thanks for trying out our game! We hope you had a lot of fun~

Thanks for playing and for leaving a comment, first of all!

Yes, there are multiple endings, though they're quite linear given the time we had at our disposal with the experience we had. World building was, by far, our favourite thing to do alongside developing each character so we're glad you liked them. :)

Please feel free to give us critical feedback! Both Prof and I would love to improve our skills and critique from players really help that along.

Everything looks really sweet and cute! I hope you can push to the end, good luck!!

Really cute aesthetic! 100% interested in playing this game after it's done.

Thanks for the interest! Your music has a nice, consistent style to it and I enjoyed listening to your work on youtube.

Unfortunately we've already found the music that's going to be used in the game, but we wish you luck in future projects!

- Rugi