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super cute little game!! finished the monument after about 10 minutes of pushing the little mice guys around :)

one minor complaint is that the UI is a bit small and hard to interact with on android, and the advancements tab gets cut off on my 9:18 screen

Wouldn’t start on my android device, just got stuck on the Unity loading screen indefinitely :(

help im having a rat attack

and i love it

This looks really useful, thank you!

I know you don't have all the answers (none of us do otherwise we'd be unstoppable), but I do have a question for you:

In regards to always trying to time things on the hour, do you have any specific advice regarding bed times? I always find myself saying "Ok, going to bed at 1am" and then it gets to 1:14 and I see the clock and I'm like "Oh well, guess I'll keep busy until 2am then go to bed" and then I start getting ready for bed at 2am and I don't fall asleep until even later...

I already have some bedtime alarms set, but I can never follow them because I'm always so focused on finishing whatever I'm currently doing.

David! These assets are awesome!

I've ported them over to Garry's Mod so people can use them in their builds/creations there:

One question though - Is that a good amount of attribution? I'm happy to make changes if you want me to.