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This was a very interesting game! I really liked the premise!

This was really interesting 

I really enjoyed this game! It was so cute and relaxing

This was such a cute little game, I really enjoyed it!

I've played a few of your games, and each of them is a very unique experience. This game is no different

This was a really interesting game, it definitely got me a few times!

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This was a really fun game! It took a little while for me to figure out the controls, but once I got it, I enjoyed it

This was super weird, but I really enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed this game! It was super creepy and really weird

I really enjoyed this game! It was really cute, but also really made me think.

I really enjoyed this game!

This game was so much fun!

This game was super weird, but really interesting!

This game seems really cool and I can't wait for the full version to come out!

This game got me really good multiple times!

I really enjoyed this! The twist was super cool, it's one of my favorite scary story types!

I really enjoyed this! It was really creepy, and super fun

This was a really good game!

This was a good game! The cleaner really scared me haha.

Thank you! I look forward to seeing more games from you!

This was a really cool game! It was cute, but also super unsettling at the same time!

I really enjoyed this game! The second symbol wouldn't collect for some reason, and I had to start the game over, but once I finally got it, it was a great game!

It was interesting! Like other people said, I wish the chatting element was more of the focus in the game, but the concept was cool

This was an interesting game. It was a bit hard to see, and a little confusing at first, but I liked it overall! I didn't get to see the monster in the end though haha

Thanks for making such a cool game!

This was a really cool game. I really loved the concept, though I did feel really stupid trying to start the car hahaha.

This was a cool game! I wish it was a bit brighter, it was really hard to navigate because it was so dark. And I couldn't see the monster until he was right in front of me. But I really liked the concept and execution!

I liked the game, but it was a bit too dark, especially at the end. I literally couldn't see anything at the end.

This was really cool! I got stuck at the painting, it wouldn't work, but I really enjoyed it!

This was such a cute little game! I love space/aliens, so I really enjoyed walking through the casino!

I really enjoyed this! It was super fun and I really loved the style

This was so creepy! I got stuck at one point, where the lights wouldn't turn off and trigger the events, but I eventually got it

I really liked this! The atmosphere was really cool!

This was really cool and creepy!

The atmosphere was cool, but it wasn't much of a game. I would really like to see more in it

I really enjoyed this!

This was really fun! I'm normally terrible at puzzle games, so I was happy I was able to do this one haha

This game was so much fun!

I enjoyed this a lot! It was short, but fun :)