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That’s great! I’m sorry I didn’t know, guess I just downloaded the first time and didn’t really come back for the updates. Sorry about that!

Townhouse exterior and school exterior would be very nice to have. I mean, considering this is a school tileset XD

Pretty good roast Sky. It’s interesting to see your take on this since it is very different than the feedback I have been receiving. You feel the puzzles are too easy? That’s possible however I don’t want them to be too difficult for those who are not amazing at puzzles and I have received feedback that they are in a good place, but I’ll tweak with it a bit. I understand the story feeling incoherent since that was my biggest difficulty getting right. No, you shouldn’t be taking the game seriously, no game of mine should be taken that way. Thanks for your honest and lengthy review, I’ll tweak things to the best of my ability and hopefully things will end up meeting your standards. Have a good day :)


The artwork in this game was a really beautiful Steampunk/Dystopian style that I truly enjoyed fully through my playthrough. The music was very fitting as well as the sound effects. The menu however had some clashing styles that I found rather distaste full as well as the HP hud bar was quite annoying at times.

Overall in my opinion  16/20


The battle system in its current state is rather un engaging and boring. I feel that with a bit more content added it could however be a ton of fun.  The act of getting the iron ore felt confusing. Why wasn't there an animation of a pickaxe clanking against the stone? It felt like I was just stealing other miners ore.

Overall in my opinion 10/20


The story was relatively engaging however you did you some crutches and some of it seemed forced. As well as having some better NPC dialouge would be nicer. The battles however were completely un engaging and I found myself just aimlessly repeating the same loop of moves.

Overall in my opinion 8/20


This game has a ton of potential. The worl that you made right from the beginning was interesting and grabbed a hold on me. With some more polish your game could be fantastic!

Overall in my opinion 18/20 (Best score so doubled to 36)

Total: 70 /100 (3 stars.)

This game was fantastic. While there are some major issues that need to be addressed, I think this game has a ton of potential and with amazing artstyle it should succeed in a commercial marketplace.

My full video review:

Studio Blue


Both of us will stream IGMC entries from time to time. I plan to do more soon!

Tea’s Jams

Tea does full play throughs of IGMC entries with the developers present to comment on aspects of their game!

I did a full playthrough of this game a while back. The game was great and im sorry the production value of these videos are not as high as they currently are now.

I suggest you get a translator or someone to proof read your game first because the language barrier is really intense.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it Lord Kirk!

5/5 this game was absolutely fantastic! The art was top notch, the puzzles difficult but fair and very fun and the storyline interesting! I genuinely hope you win, forget my entry, you deserve it.

Ahh okay! That makes perfect sense!

Oh, yes that’s true however I figured that since you’ve been using said key to go through dialogue up to this point that that wouldn’t be necessary 

It’s set on a timer. It will last 300 frames then go away. I do suppose I should change that...

Not really. The idea of the jumping puzzle is to hit every platform once without hitting the same one twice while ending on the top so you can jump off. If you do step on the same one twice or jump off the platforms, it will lead to a game over

Well, for one thing you were playing the out of date version that didn’t have any of the bug fixes applied. However, even without these fixes the games play time changes drastically depending on how good you are with puzzles. If your really good at them, like it appears you are, you are going to be the game faster and that is sadly just how it is with puzzle games. Also no, I never had alternative endings, only 2 different sides with either Emi or Sensei Ikuyo where you will get a bit more character building. I didn’t have time to implement alternative endings but, after the jam I will.

This game reminds me so much of the blind prince and the liar princess Not sure if that’s where you got the idea from or not

Yes, just submit it and then when your ready to update it go to its original itch page and delete and then upload the new file. Ez

I have no idea what to do. I've rearranged the blocks horizontally but there is no "You win screen" or "Level complete". I suggest you add that.

I wasn't able to play the game, not because of a game breaking bug, but because of the awful and unfitting music.

Exactly, sounds and such are a judging category 

I suggest reworking the combat to make it a tad more immersive and redoing some of the maps to make them less tedious.

The game was pretty enjoyable and the art was very nice. Most annoying thing was how the zombies spawn, since it is random they could just spawn right on you and there is nothing you can do. Also, this game doesn't really have much to expand into and since that's what this years IGMC was all about, finding the next indie hit with room to expand. I'm guessing you will not win. However, it was still a very enjoyable, short and unpolished little game.

The art in this game, while it is custom, does not mean that it's good. The combat is incredibly boring as well as the mapping. The only good part of this game IMO is the VA

I will say, I did learn something XD However the resolution on windows or anything other than a phone is just awful.

I am not 18 years old however I have been creating games for a few years now and feel I have created a decent submission. I have two parents who would be able to supervise the legal process should I win, however I figured I should clarify that the game Aimi No Toroburu is made by a minor. Just was wondering if that within the rules of the competition.

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Update 1.1: I have removed all known bugs in the game as well as updated the title screen to be more accurate.

Hello everyone! I didn't originally intend to submit this game to the IGMC 2018 but since I started development while the contest was on going, I made a mad dash to add as much as possible and submit it. The game should run about 30-45 minutes and while it is not an hour, it's polished to about the best I think it can be. There may be bugs, as in most jam submissions. But I hope we can look past the faults and enjoy what is presented. I hope you have a fun time playing, and thanks for checking this game out!

I don’t even need to play this game to tell you it’s good. This dev has built up quite a nice reputation and because of that I trust this game to be great!

Cute. Needs way more before its engaging or addictive tho!

I really love this game, it is fantastically well done and well polished. For a more detailed review, watch my video!

Really great game! Good job Jacob!

oh oops mah bad!

This is a great entry! Really amazing! Some spelling mistakes but whatever

Thank you so much! 💕

Yeah I would have done that except I’ve done it before and it broke the game, so I went on the safe side! Glad you enjoyed it!

Super nice animations and action sequences! 5/5

Short and sweet. If by sweet I mean really intense

Everything about the action sequences are great. Only thing is that the game is not 5 minutes

10/10 would watch drifty and tea play it again

Thanks for playing my game tea!