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Thats happening in all the games that i downloaded, but that bug happens when i is on the main menu and put lowest graphics.

Man, there is a bug when i turn on the flashlight entering the kitchen, but that dont happen all the time. You can repair it? Because when i go to menu al the screen is with bright and i cant see anything, only the menu buttons, and that make me restart the game D

NOW I CAN PLAY IT! :D You can tell me some commands to get more fps? Because i play the game with 15-30 and i dont like that D:

Ah ok... anyways thank you.

Hi? You there? Why you dont reply my message? Nvm... I will play others games

I have an idea, if the game has the maximum resolution and the maximum graphics, You can put the minimum resolution and the minimum graphics (by default), so that people can adjust to the resolution that their PC can support. Just upload the game with the resolution and minimal graphics. Here I see how I adjust the graphics: D

That is the error, i dont know what do :( I want play this cool game

But when i open the game this crashes instantly. I dont have time to press the button becuase this crashes :(

I has a samsung PC

1.50 Ghz Dual Core Intel Celeron

732 MB of Memory video

64 MB of Dedicated Memory Video


450 GB Disk Space

Intel HD Graphics

Max Resolution: 1366 X 768

That is my Pc specifications

HELP ME!!! How i can down the resolution of the game? When i play the game on the screen appear VIDEO MEMORY ERROR, and there say i need to down the resolution, BUT I CANT! BECAUSE THE GAME GET A ERROR WHEN I OPEN THIS! There is other way to change the resolution of the game?