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At the moment, no. I am in the process of getting new equipment so will aim to make a Linux build soon, or decide whether to upload the source.

Apologies, I currently only have access to a Mac computer to build with and it cannot create a Linux build.

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It's possible there are framerate or tick settings that are broken, but I am not sure. If you download the source code and run the file inside Processing it may work better.

Is it still happening? I have no direct way of fixing this, but I believe downloading and running the game through the Itch app will solve it. 

Hi there - you can tell what gear you're in by the number of pips at the corner entrance. The number of lines on the corner entrance is the highest gear you can be in without spinning.

Hi there. Yeah online multiplayer is supported by the Steam servers, and normal purchases of the game get a Steam key. But in honesty, no one is playing it online on steam so you're not missing much. And there is no AI - if a sequel is ever made, its at the top of the new feature list.

thanks :)

Hi, sorry, as far as I can tell this is out of my hands - try adjusting the security settings to allow opening of any application, or use the app, somehow it seems to make the file run.

The Linux version is what came out of the Processing export as is, so if it doesn't run I'm not entirely sure there. I'm not familiar with Linux programs but there weren't any options (except 32/64 bit) for exporting. The Mac/Win versions are so much larger because they package in a Java distributable alongside the program itself.