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Found this to be a really good and deep game. Keep it up.

Hi. I am interested in your game making contest. Also, while this game may seem like a "high-school simulator", it actually has a much deeper story behind it. there are going to be a total of four more episodes, each of which will tell you more about the character. This first game is just dipping the toes. 

A very moving game indeed. I felt sadness after hearing the news about sonic even thought I only knew him for a few minutes. Only great story tellers can do that to people. Great work. Keep it up.

Also, I totally understand what you mean about having no ideas or starting things you don't finish. I think ideas will start to flow more if you just start with small projects and once you see the response from the community, you will begin finishing a lot more of your projects because of the happiness people receive from them.

Thank you :

Thank you. Could you list the typos below so I am able to fix the game? I can't really find them.

Hey Stuart. Could you let me know what engine this is made on please?

I just played this game and I have to say, it is a really well constructed game. I think that the one flaw that I have is that (if you were to continue this game further) it should be easier to kill the enemies or you should find more gold on them when you battle them. Other than that, well done.