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The spooky bear is one of my favourite "scary villains". I would immediately adopt him.

Was a spooky experience. I liked it. The whole time I was waiting for the monster that could be heard in the background, or even a scary woman.

Well done!

I like the graphics. The ending is a bit mean, but a good idea, quite macabre, the end of an abusive rat-girl sitting in front of HER Tv the whole game through.

Did you use the original Cube Escape Assets and is this game based on the original Cube Escape stories?

Very moving, wonderful graphics and music!

The story is a good idea. It would be great if the "dream sequence" was longer to enjoy it even more. Maybe also invent more choices to make it more difficult to get back?

Very short. Nice graphics.

Unfortunately the text is very, very slow at some moments...

Hey, being chased by Pyramid Head is a cool idea.

Quite a good idea. I'd like to see a longer game in the same setting. It would be a fun experience.

The barista is really polite. I would go there to drink some cups of coffee too, even though I don't like coffee.

There are five endings, it says. I got ending 3 and 5, but how is there a chance to get the other ones? There are not many choices to make. If you make one choice you are forced to take the others. Can anybody help me?