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No problem. I'm not an English native speaker too. You did your best, I guess.

Thank you for the info. I thought so, because I didn't find more. This must have been a lot of work. Just a friendly hint: The English in this game isn't the best. You should let someone correct it.

Quite good. I like the idea and the "ghost girl". How many endings are there?

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A quite fun game. We laughed a lot and the idea is very good. My cat voiceacted Howard, it sounds cute. The typing challenge is a bit mean for people who don't have English as their mother tongue or aren't good at typing, but it's worth a try. The artifact and the goddess are sooo well-drawn like Howard and scared Tilda. We like both endings, they both made us grin.

A good idea. Could be the prologue of a longer game with different sceneries and characters to talk to, not only phone calls and thoughts while going by train.

Many people already played this, and now here we are. A quite good game, could be a bit more creepy, but it was fun. Keep up the good work. We ask ourselves what really happened to our friend. Is she still alive?

Aaah, very clever and tricky! Thanx for the information!

It's a very good game, a quite good idea with the different paths, the different tasks, and the different endings. Could you please tell us how to get Ending 2?

Really fun to play! Should be longer!

There should be added some things, e.g. every day another task and a visible enemy chasing you. Otherwise it gets boring doing the same every day to please him and get to bed afterwards. I'm not sure if sacrificing yourself is really a good ending. I would like to see "God", eventually as final boss that can be defeated. It's a good idea, but the scenery looks a bit empty despite the "sacrifices". It would also be great to get to know something about the background story after each day.

Well done! This little game gave me "Amnesia" vibes. Could be the prologue or the first chapter of a longer game. Hopefully there will be a sequel once with maybe more than one ending.

A good game and even creepy. Well done.

We all did.

Thanks for this fun game! We like graphics, characters, and story. What a pity that the chocolates are useless. They would be the right thing for a cute child. It gives us some "Last Train Home" vibes, although the story's different and there are no horror elements. It's a fine piece of work.

A very interesting concept. We like this little game. It has the special something. The doggo is very cute, but can be very cruel too. We experienced it all. Some moves hurt a bit, but that's okay with us.

Hey, we enjoyed your game very much. A good story, unique conversations,and wonderful graphics. We love cats, so we love this game. A sequel would be nice. Best wishes.

There could be so much more. Continue this story and maybe it will be fun. The idea is good.

Your game is quite good. We enjoyed it, also our voice acting. In our playthrough we show 4 endings, incl. the true ending.

The game is quite good. I ask myself why Jay killed her friend at the end and how and why the main character changed. Did the player turn into a salmon? It would be nice if there were some answers. At some points I think the game is a bit too pixelated. Sometimes it's hard to see something.

Hi, a quite good game. The little horror element was on point.

A well done visual novel. I was used to have similar conversations with my mother. What a pity that we can't see father and son, just their seats. I would be interested in how they look like and how their faces change their expressions depending on the topic, the questions, and the answers.
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I got Ending 4 & 5.

This is a very serious moving story and well-made. I'm sorry for you what you had to experience. Did anyone ever find out, why the hallucinations were fish and why especially these? I made a playthrough, and unluckily I pronounced the arapaimas wrong, because I've never heard of them before and I didn't know them. A very good game about mental issues. Stay fine and positive.

Such a good idea and so cruel. We rarely get to see such a combination of fun and sadism.

I prefer Colby. :-)

Hi, it was really worth the try. I divided this "body horror" and "murder" visual novel into three parts:

The Beginning

Dahlia's the favourite

Huxley's the favourite

There are millions of games about Little Red Riding Hood, but this one is something special. I like the different paths and multiple endings. There should be a "friendship ending" where Red, Grandmother, and the Wolf become friends and shoot the huntsman. Nice work.

A quite good horror visual novel with a very good prologue and a spooky scenery. In this playthrough with voice acting you can see 5 endings, I don't know how many there are.

The ending was unexpected, horrifying and very shocking. Like a horror movie - shudder!

A funny game again. Alina's costume looks as if she had a bandage around her head, as if she had a tooth ache or something like that.I hope she will survive the vet, when she's taken there. Happy Easter to you.

Hi, just one question: Will there be a Cat Stevens Easter Special? Why not waiting for Easter eggs or the Easter rabbit? Maybe Nip could bring some. :-)

Hi, all together! I like visual novels with a special art style, and BODEGA CAT is one of them, simple, but cute. It's good that there are multiple paths and more than one ending, so you can play it more than once. I guess in my playthrough you can see all the endings, sorry if I've overseen something. It's nice to see how much the cat enjoys the treats, and I like its growing belly. It's a real hero and strong, knows how to handle a register and how to close a safe door. What a pity that there can also be bad consequences, if the little guy is lazy. Well done!

That's a very moving story and sometimes there were some tears in our eyes. It's quite emotional and shows the strong bond between human and cat in a wonderful way. We all know that death is no solution. We liked this visual novel so much that we had to play it. Best wishes.

I'm not used to white, yellow, and red crows that are looking like ducks or pigeons. The story is funny, but very short.

On my second try I had 18/21. I was lucky and enjoyed the cat most. I've never seen cake with tuna and catnip before. A crazy idea.

What a cute duck game.

Hi, this visual "dating" novel was fun to play. We made the three ghosts disappear. You can see this in our funny video with great voice acting. Greetings, well done!

Hi, we liked this visual novel as much as "The spider on the wall". Some questions still have to be answered, and I think the appearances of the skinless entity are too short, as if this guy wasn't so important as it seems at first sight, but quite interesting, also the art style.

Hi, quite an interesting game. We guess it's psychological horror and such games are more difficult to create than "normal" horror games. So the question is: Who is the spider? Is it symbolic, a representation of the player's mother? We discuss it during the playthrough, and maybe we are completely wrong, when looking for a deeper meaning and analyzing it.


Hi, it's so empty here and this visual novel is so much fun that we have to post it here, with voice acting. Maybe you are interested. Best wishes!