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Really beautiful art style, and solid platforming. Nice job, seriously!

Trying my best to adopt your artstyle, I really, really like the feel of it. Aside from finding the motivation to animate things as detailed as these are, of course. That's not as fun.

But really, thanks a ton for making this and giving me good examples of palette choice to draw from!

I don't have the materials to play this but my god is this a cool-ass idea. 

Not a fan of the 'control multiples' puzzle genre, but this one is actually really satisfying to finish levels of. Nicely done.

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As barebones as it is - and I don't know how I ended up playing for so long - it was fun.  Got stuck on a level and ragequit during the fall-and-maneuver part though lol 

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Thank you for this pack! I've purchased it for the player character alone and simplified the color palette before making variations for many of the armor sets I plan on integrating. Great character design, love it. Looking forward to purchasing any more assets you make, even if it's just to mess around with them.