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Dear Frosted Brain,
Hello! I'm relatively new to Itchio, but I would like to let your know about something I found whenever I would try to play Desire Den. 
First off, my game would start off fine, but where I possibly first see the problem is that it goes to full screen even if I set it to windowed (no matter the resolution either). This was on my second boot up of the game, as the first time was a test run to see if everything worked, which it generally did, just a bit of frame drops here and there from the high graphics (which I lowered). Anyways, when I started up the game for a second time and went to new game and then started off at the very first part, it put the game to the lowest resolution and ultimately cut off my screen by forcing it into full screen and it was zoomed in, so I could the main menu for options. I've tried everything from changing my in game resolution to my PC resolution, to changing the resolution at the start up pop up menu, and looking up ways online to manually change it. None of these have worked and I would like to know if there's a way I could fix this or if it's completely stuck this way. Sorry for wasting your time if this was an asinine topic to put here.
Sincerely, dashratty.