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The post inspired me so: *do* they like anime? If so which ones?

I’ll also ask this: what are their favorite colors? :3

Such a sweet game!! Something about it is very comforting. I loved all three of the guys <3 (Mystery Guy #4's design was lovely as well btw!)

Would be happy to see more of them any day <3

TL;DR: I think this game is absolutely wonderful and more people should play it!!

When I played, I followed the recommended route order (save for X's route, I haven't gotten to his yet). I enjoyed each and every one of them <3 Whatever expectations I might have had, they were blown out of the water, I can tell you that. Everyone did a terrific job bringing this game alive, from the sound to the art to the writing itself.

"But wait! Why are you writing this if you haven't finished every route?" You ask me. I answer you, "because I enjoyed it so much already!"

...okay, also maybe because watcher dropped one of my favorite lines I've ever heard from a game like this. Maybe more than just one. (yes I think it is safe to say he was my favorite)

Thank you to the devs and everyone involved. It was a joy (and I still have more to see!) :D

TL,DR: I really enjoyed the game, you should play it too (if you're reading this to decide the answer to that question)

My answers to the postgame questionnaire:

1. Which character was your favorite? Why?

Is it cheating if I pick two of them as my favorite? I liked Tristian and Theo the most :)

Tristian is the one whose route I played first because I knew at first glance that I would like him (I know myself well). Of course his ending would include adopting the cat and having pancakes. Sounds perfect to me. <3

Theo was the second route I played. I didn't go in with any expectations, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up connecting with him. In retrospect he might my favorite of the LIs design wise. He is very pretty. :) 

2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

Yes, on my first try too :) On a related note, the little splash texts(?) to describe the endings was a nice touch.

3. What's your favorite moment in the game?

I can't pick just one favorite moment! I can say that Tristian and Theo's introductions were both very memorable for me :D  Obviously I enjoyed the rest of their routes just as much, but it was a very strong start, haha. Oh, and whenever MC explained her love for otome games to the LIs I thought that was very sweet.

OH and in the beginning, when MC calls DoE Human Resources... for some reason I found the name hilarious and I just sat there cracking up for a moment xD

4. Do you want a Mark route?

Nope, not particularly, but I might check it out if one ended up being made.

5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

I don't generally replay games (and having fully voiced vs partially voiced isn't a huge factor for me personally) so probably not.

Some other thoughts I wanted to voice!

I liked all of the LIs, even if I didn't end up vibing with Luca as much as the other two. Writing wise, I thought it was quite grounded and everything felt very natural. Perhaps it was because MC felt relatable?  I don't know, Even though the game was short, I felt like I got a good picture of the characters and their stories. The art and game design/GUI as a whole was lovely. I appreciated the different font choices and the ability to use a dark mode :) The only critique I would want to make is the sound (just the sound balancing). 

I believe that's everything I'd thought of to say :) Thank you for making this game, and I would be happy to check out anything you might make in the future as well :D

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I finally got a chance to play this and I enjoyed it quite a bit so I figured I’d leave a comment~ above all it made me laugh/smile which is exactly what I needed apparently :) all those ending comments too hahah!

The first route I did was Sol’s because I felt drawn to him (he’s an elf and I love elves!!) and I wasn’t disappointed. He is a sunshine who is trying his best and I love him for it! He will always get my 5 stars!

Then I went to Kaito’s and though he wasn’t my favorite I appreciated him and I thought his good ending was fitting. I want to know more about him! (And I guess I will, since you say the characters from this will be coming back in the future 👀)

Next was Dominic. I didn’t know the character you were apparently referencing but I thought everything about him just worked so well. “One hell of a—“ indeed.

The last route was of course, Alexandre. I don’t know if this makes sense, but I think his was the best route to end on. Everything about it was warm and fuzzy. 

That’s all to say, this game definitely brightened my day. I liked everyone and would be delighted to see them again in the future! thank you :) 

This game was such a gem. I played it earlier today and have thought about it a lot since then. :) It made me feel so warm and fuzzy.

Thank you for making it, I look forward to seeing your future work!