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For number 3, it was the same with me, I found there to be no spelling errors. One thing that would help me and maybe a few other people (mainly ADHD people) is more types of fonts. The reason I say that is because with certain kinda fonts ( for contexts me and all my ADHD friends tested this and we all have it severely, including many other things like ADD, Autism, etc.) me and my friends had a hard time reading words with certain fonts(The one the Vahnya has were some of the ones I have a hard time reading). I have no idea how that works, but if someone how It works please let me know, I am curious.

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Could you make this a template?(HTML if possible) It's so pretty! I been trying to find a template for my IF story (romance) and this fits it perfectly! I know how to do all the code and stuff, but I want to get to the fun part of writing it. It also great to know there are people out there just like me who like coding and writing! Also, great game. I love the style, and the love interest. Keep up the good work. :) 

Could you make this html? Thanks!!

Hi, I really liked this template! But I am a Chromebook user and I was wondering if there was anyway to make this into a html file? It looks really nice, and I been wanting a template for my interactive story I am making. 

Note:I am experienced in html and css I just don't understand if it works that same, and I am kinda lazy and forgot some of the line of code I would need to make this. :]

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This seems like it's gonna be really good! :) Keep up the good work!! <3

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I have been playing and really like this so far. One thing I wish for you to add is like once you find out about a person there is an area that you can click and it tells you who they are if you forgot. I forget a lot of who the characters are and what they are to me so I have been putting it on a doc. Other than that I love the stories, and it's really fun! Any idea when the next chapter might be out?

Another question, what app did you use to make the whole thing (animating, adding text and making the stuff clickable)? I really want to make a game like this.  

Cool game

I was playing this with friends, funny game