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I removed it as I am starting from scratch and remaking it as it is currently a buggy mess and needs reworking.

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so I love this game and i can't wait for next episode, i love june and cal and damon. So when's next episode I can't wait please tell me it's soon.

thanks, works now :) 

hey so i bought this game on steam, but for some reason it crashes to desktop as soon as i try to launch it. Not sure what is up with it. Can anyone tell me how to fix. I am on windows 10.

awesome, glad to know :)

is there a special ending if you beat all endings. most visual novels i played require you to finish all endings then it unlocks a canon end or something. This isn't what this game does right?

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I really do love this game and the characters i beat all the main routes romances, am curious will there be a sequel or an addon sequel. I want to find out what happens next so badly.

o cool, I will do the patreon thing. How often do you update the game for there? cos this game is so fun to play and i am adoring the characters(not so much the mean dude) also another question i played the other game XOXO droplets and i noticed a few of them appear, the mean guy and the freckle guy, are they the same people? do any others appear.

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Oh man I really enjoyed this game, the characters are cute, the art is amazing and the story is just so good. I want to continue playing but ugh full game is not out yet and checked steam says august 29th, so long away
;( Can it please come quicker. Anyways amazing work on this you did a fabulous job, is there anyway i can play full game quicker I am too excited to not play it XD I played twice once as a shy girl, and shy crush, the next as a girl that says whats on her mind, and the max level of crush, it made him more open towards others which is kinda cute XD.

Also how do I play the DLC stuff.

Oh yeah, I couldn't defeat game without killing Ari,  each time I would get tortured and the game would end. I don't mine that choice not happening XD. The only ending I havent done is the romance of Ari and I just don't have it in me to replay 3rd time cos even with skipping dialogues it is slow just to get to the part with her and the other characters always dares me to romance them XD

so glad that some choices carry over then. :) thanks. I will try and wait patiently for steam release.

I wanted to wait for it to be released on steam before I play it, otherwise  i will be too pumped to play anything else XD

So I have played the prequel on steam and really loved it, am excited for the steam version of this and am curious does the choices u make in the prequel make a difference in this, or is there a canon ending in the prequel that u give this sequel, like i noticed in this it mentioned that the half-demon is starting the Apocalypse or something, but in my save game i left him to get tortured and stayed with the demon, another save I have i left him be free and teaching him that humans are good and told Brash to meet my character in a certain town and we go from their with our relationship. So will I be able to continue relationship with brash or the demon, or will I have to make choices again to romance those characters.


So I did a video on this game and wow I am amazed at how much you did with rpg maker MV, with how limited the engine can be. Battles are epic, graphics amazing, music is so nice. Everything is just so well put together too. Here is the video : 

I will do more soon. Enjoy the video I cannot wait to play more.

thanks for playing my game. I have played nearly all silent hill games in the past and this game was heavily inspired by it. the picture on the wall in the back in the computer room will help you solve the solution if you haven't done so. it isn't required to finish the game though. glad u liked otherwise :)

such an amazing game, I hope you continue this, I want to know what happens next.

which room. also this is a prototype game and only has an intro. No monsters or anything is added yet.

Visual novel maker is also a bit buggy and tends to crash, and takes time to learn.

thanks for playing. glad u liked it :)

yea sorry its a known bug, used the wrong switch when using the key so it just doesn't unlock. But that is the end of the demo anyway. Will fix it in a few days.

Hey I got this pack on steam through the humble bundle and am wondering if there will be a base pack, where it comes with just the base body so we can customize our own characters?

Thanks for playing. Yeah I will rethink about the attack and pause buttons. It's just E was used as a QTE for escape when I redid the escape event. Yea I didn't think to make him run off when he attacks so I will do that next time. Glad you liked the game :) Didn't know someone would LP it so soon haha. So thanks. :)

if it is started same date as this one and follow the rules of the jam I think its ok to do. 

I think just for pc as he will be streaming the games.

he shakes dat booty when he runs 10/10. also it kind of reminds me of kingdom hearts 1 intro where u choose your strength's weaknesses with some kind of narrator guiding the mc and then he fights the darkness or whatever they are called. Good job Drass

thanks. I enjoyed watching. The game crashing room has been fixed in the latest version and the passability issues. the lights atm wasjust to light up to room (just something a little thing i cooked up that I thought was cool at the time) maybe used at later date for puzzles. 

But yeah thats all i had in me to make for the prototype at the time. But I have done a few improvements in the latest version, and many more things to be done too.

Again thanks for the amazing LP

I also do some as well : I do take requests but am slow at getting them out as I do alot of creative work.

Did a LP (also posted on your game page) 

Did a Lp of Momoka, plan to play more but here is first part: 

thanks for playing, glad u liked what I had so far. I have it mostly fixed in the version I have. Working on story as we speak, Will have story done once IGMC is over hopefully. :)

For some reason can't download game. Looks interesting but the download won't work says the requested url doesn't exist.

No problems, It looks like a great game other than the things I mentioned. I look forward to seeing this complete in the future. :)

Did an episode of Monster village. The story hasn't gripped me yet, it a bit slow. Battle system is hard, not sure if i missed equipment, its too early to leave village or its badly optimized. Dialogue needs work, noticed some grammar mistakes, some spaces forgotten and using numbers instead of words. but mapping seems ok. I also like that you control a cat instead of a human.
Also sound effect when moving the cursor is very annoying.

yeah haha. also yeah i fixed the bugs cos I had a friend test it but he played it after the judging period and i had some stray autoruns. Thanks for playing and glad you liked. I did all the mapping haha. A friend scripted the UI. Yeah I liked the music. Fun fact the music in the game is just the title-screen music slowed down. I am just sorry I couldn't do much else, as shortly after finishing the maps i felt ill. Thanks for playing am glad you liked it.

thanks yeah, I also suck at the combo but it shouldn't really do that much damage if u screw up haha. Glad to help you. Yeah I did haha.

Did the
Did the last part. Game told me there was no more story so i stopped after I died.

Thanks :)

Awesome, glad I could help :)

did an episode of Welcome to Hell. Will do more when I get round to it. :) The game needs alot more polish, the grammar and spelling needs working, Not sure how to revive characters yet. you will need to resize the default cars as they look like toys. Battles are not well balanced. When I play more I let you know what else I will find.

Hey so did a LP of this game. I got 2 of the endings. Its a fun little game haha. I love horror games and this gave me a little scare even if i did watch a friend play.

thanks glad you liked it. Yeah I cannot wait to work on the enemies and add cutscenes into this haha.