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just finished chapter 5 with raiden romance, he is super amazing. Am wondering when will the rest of the chapters be released. Am loving it so far, took me awhile to warm up to it like it always does and now am super hyped for more.

niiiice list of imports, can't wait for a resident evil shooting system to pop in here :P

the boost/unboost came with the battle engine, i should've disabled it before i submitted it as I don't even know what it does. Ah wells. thanks for playing glad you liked it.

there shouldnt be any gameovers when you fight jezebel, there are two routes one if you win and one if you lose, when u win I havent fully implemented it so the characters get duplicated, so it's best to lose. as its far longer.

what you programmed it in.

this game looks really interesting, just curious what software did you use to make this game? 

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I know this is a couple years old game, but the game intrigued me being a longtime mass effect fan, so here is a video I did: 

I hope you like continue it or something and make your own story and such, cos it be interesting if you do your own take on the story, instead of what we got. Also if you are still working on this, maybe have a choice at the start to have either male or female shepard and who they romanced etc. I dunno.

thanks, I will keep those criticims in mind when i go over it and fix things after the jam. thanks for playing :) Hope you enjoyed it.

I intentionally made the game easy. I am never any good with balancing, i know i need to work on that so when i go back to it i Will work on balancing more, make the respawns slower, and remove the boost/unboost(I am not sure what it does, it came with the battle engine), Will add even more skills. Thanks for reviewing, glad you had fun.

if you mean stones on the floor I intentionally did that, the wall, i must not have put the yanfly restriction on the walls, that was my mistake. Thanks for spotting it, will fix it after the jam is over :)

What things did you walk over? I will expand it in future when my main games are done, or i need a break from my mains.

when i say Ugly game I meant like if the game used a ugly/not nice to look at style, even rtp can look nice if used properly. But glad to know all the hard work i put in to make my game look nice will get a higher score :) thanks for the replies.

For the judging there is no visuals, but there is sound design and gameplay. So does this mean if someone makes an ugly game, but it has good gameplay, and sound they might win?

Heya thanks for playing my game. I think saving only works on Clara's turn. I plan to add a tutorial map later on that you learn more about Cedric and other units. I wanted to make maps fun and easier and since it still early game and Clara hasn't found a class for herself, it will be slightly harder as well. :) Glad you liked and want to know more, I can't wait to add more content, Comments like yours makes me happy.

sorry was not made in unity, was made in SRPG studio. only PC available. thanks for the interest though.

ooooh sounds exciting. Can't wait.

so i have played many hours of this, did two routes and onto my 3rd. I wasn't really sure what the art was from the screenshots thought it was 3D(thought the background is 3D but it isn't that bad it kind of suits the type of visual novel it is), but I got this game in a bundle on itch awhile back and started now and i really like the art (a few games i played does this style and i like it). I not a fan of the minigames, but glad they are skippable. love the music, the cgs and the story is cool too. thought wish the ending wasn't so abrupt, but glad there is an extended epilogue those were cool, thought wish it was more visual novel style and less storybook style, but i still liked it all the same. Overall love this game and would totally recommend. there wasn't anything other than the ending and minigames i hated. i love that all the 5 guys had different personalities and love getting to know them too. I am excited to what else the developer will bring out next.

What new things will be added into it?

awesome well can't wait, this is a game I Am really looking forward to :) love the guys and the main character has nice personality. (i have played a few games where mc is a blank slate or a clumsy or someone who is clueless and I Am meh about those)

so far Only played the female protag, i tried both guys and i like them both. I like being able to pick your choices at start like , what kind of clothes you wear, dog or cat, etc. Would these options be available in full game, and would there be more choices as well like how you would interact with these guys, cos I am not sure I like how she talks to Cameron and Jace, with Adrian it was all sweet and nice, but other two she was kind of mean and i would prefer to choose how the mc interacts with people. But it is an enjoyable game and can't wait for more.

i have beaten it on steam when i got it during one of the sales. I plan to play again for the itch version. I love Egon he is my favourite. Can't wait to play again.

I absolutely adore this game and Julian and August are my favourites, any chance of their being a sequel in the future? The only thing i didn't like about the game is the 3D explorable areas, I am not a fan of First person games. Thanks so much for making such an incredible visual novel.

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Thanks glad you liked. I have many changes happening in the updates to come. :) yeah, I didn't watch outlander until after i had created my story XD. This was first time for me to actually write a story in this kind. I was inspired by many visual novels as well as rpgs like dragon age series. :)

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so I love this game and i can't wait for next episode, i love june and cal and damon. So when's next episode I can't wait please tell me it's soon.

thanks, works now :) 

hey so i bought this game on steam, but for some reason it crashes to desktop as soon as i try to launch it. Not sure what is up with it. Can anyone tell me how to fix. I am on windows 10.

awesome, glad to know :)

is there a special ending if you beat all endings. most visual novels i played require you to finish all endings then it unlocks a canon end or something. This isn't what this game does right?

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I really do love this game and the characters i beat all the main routes romances, am curious will there be a sequel or an addon sequel. I want to find out what happens next so badly.

o cool, I will do the patreon thing. How often do you update the game for there? cos this game is so fun to play and i am adoring the characters(not so much the mean dude) also another question i played the other game XOXO droplets and i noticed a few of them appear, the mean guy and the freckle guy, are they the same people? do any others appear.

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Oh man I really enjoyed this game, the characters are cute, the art is amazing and the story is just so good. I want to continue playing but ugh full game is not out yet and checked steam says august 29th, so long away
;( Can it please come quicker. Anyways amazing work on this you did a fabulous job, is there anyway i can play full game quicker I am too excited to not play it XD I played twice once as a shy girl, and shy crush, the next as a girl that says whats on her mind, and the max level of crush, it made him more open towards others which is kinda cute XD.

Also how do I play the DLC stuff.

Oh yeah, I couldn't defeat game without killing Ari,  each time I would get tortured and the game would end. I don't mine that choice not happening XD. The only ending I havent done is the romance of Ari and I just don't have it in me to replay 3rd time cos even with skipping dialogues it is slow just to get to the part with her and the other characters always dares me to romance them XD

so glad that some choices carry over then. :) thanks. I will try and wait patiently for steam release.

I wanted to wait for it to be released on steam before I play it, otherwise  i will be too pumped to play anything else XD

So I have played the prequel on steam and really loved it, am excited for the steam version of this and am curious does the choices u make in the prequel make a difference in this, or is there a canon ending in the prequel that u give this sequel, like i noticed in this it mentioned that the half-demon is starting the Apocalypse or something, but in my save game i left him to get tortured and stayed with the demon, another save I have i left him be free and teaching him that humans are good and told Brash to meet my character in a certain town and we go from their with our relationship. So will I be able to continue relationship with brash or the demon, or will I have to make choices again to romance those characters.


So I did a video on this game and wow I am amazed at how much you did with rpg maker MV, with how limited the engine can be. Battles are epic, graphics amazing, music is so nice. Everything is just so well put together too. Here is the video : 

I will do more soon. Enjoy the video I cannot wait to play more.

thanks for playing my game. I have played nearly all silent hill games in the past and this game was heavily inspired by it. the picture on the wall in the back in the computer room will help you solve the solution if you haven't done so. it isn't required to finish the game though. glad u liked otherwise :)

such an amazing game, I hope you continue this, I want to know what happens next.

Visual novel maker is also a bit buggy and tends to crash, and takes time to learn.