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thanks. I enjoyed watching. The game crashing room has been fixed in the latest version and the passability issues. the lights atm wasjust to light up to room (just something a little thing i cooked up that I thought was cool at the time) maybe used at later date for puzzles. 

But yeah thats all i had in me to make for the prototype at the time. But I have done a few improvements in the latest version, and many more things to be done too.

Again thanks for the amazing LP

I also do some as well : I do take requests but am slow at getting them out as I do alot of creative work.

Did a LP (also posted on your game page) 

Did a Lp of Momoka, plan to play more but here is first part: 

thanks for playing, glad u liked what I had so far. I have it mostly fixed in the version I have. Working on story as we speak, Will have story done once IGMC is over hopefully. :)

For some reason can't download game. Looks interesting but the download won't work says the requested url doesn't exist.

No problems, It looks like a great game other than the things I mentioned. I look forward to seeing this complete in the future. :)

Did an episode of Monster village. The story hasn't gripped me yet, it a bit slow. Battle system is hard, not sure if i missed equipment, its too early to leave village or its badly optimized. Dialogue needs work, noticed some grammar mistakes, some spaces forgotten and using numbers instead of words. but mapping seems ok. I also like that you control a cat instead of a human.
Also sound effect when moving the cursor is very annoying.

yeah haha. also yeah i fixed the bugs cos I had a friend test it but he played it after the judging period and i had some stray autoruns. Thanks for playing and glad you liked. I did all the mapping haha. A friend scripted the UI. Yeah I liked the music. Fun fact the music in the game is just the title-screen music slowed down. I am just sorry I couldn't do much else, as shortly after finishing the maps i felt ill. Thanks for playing am glad you liked it.

thanks yeah, I also suck at the combo but it shouldn't really do that much damage if u screw up haha. Glad to help you. Yeah I did haha.

Did the
Did the last part. Game told me there was no more story so i stopped after I died.

Thanks :)

Awesome, glad I could help :)

did an episode of Welcome to Hell. Will do more when I get round to it. :) The game needs alot more polish, the grammar and spelling needs working, Not sure how to revive characters yet. you will need to resize the default cars as they look like toys. Battles are not well balanced. When I play more I let you know what else I will find.

Hey so did a LP of this game. I got 2 of the endings. Its a fun little game haha. I love horror games and this gave me a little scare even if i did watch a friend play.

thanks glad you liked it. Yeah I cannot wait to work on the enemies and add cutscenes into this haha.

Hi was wondering if you plan on making curved roof tiles, like the Rpg maker RTP packs?. Would really like some for my exterior houses. Thanks. Love all your packs they are awesome.

If you don't have rpg maker you can download any of the RTP versions. It should work that way. Its what is required to play as it was made in rpg maker vxace.

thanks. Haha am glad you like. I have great plans for this game for its future. Like a battery for the flashlight so that you can't always rely on it and that you will need to seek out battery packs to refill it or to use the environment lights when you run out as the darkness is not safe.

yeah I got those bugs fixed, but because its after the date i can post it I can't update the demo. I had left an event for testing purposes and forgot about it. I fixed the areas exists mostly for the right and left exits. I am glad you enjoyed it and look forward to building on it.

Thanks so much :)

awww thanks :) I really appreciate it.

This is such an amazing game, it has so much going for it. I loved every bit of it.

thanks :)

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Hello, I am Roooodworks

I am looking for some freelance work

I can do full body, bust's face-set's and static enemy art.

here is what i offer: 

If you have any questions just ask. I am looking forward to working with you :):)

Ingame Samples: