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Thank you

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Thought of this whilst making it ;p



I wasn't asking that but thanks for the concern - can you maybe put my game on the front page pretty please with sprinkles on top? ;)

Title says it all

Hi what are the rules on using these in games

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Hi... thanks for making a post...? I don't really understand what you're getting at by posting a thread called 'j' that contains the word 'ok' and nothing else? Do you wanna try that again, friend?

Updated the post.

I thought this might be a problem, why don't you have a sales and promotion forum? I'll update it one sec

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Hi. Get 3 games for 0.52p - would be two pound odd - https://itch.io/s/5911/80-off-all-titles-48-hours-only


RoomsForRockets is a 3 man indie developer. We've worked hard on this game - we've all been taking time out of our actual jobs to develop this - the dream is to MAKE this our ACTUAL jobs. With your purchase, this make become a reality sometime in the not-so distant future.

A Shawn Story is similar to the stanely parable in narrative but has a 2D pixelated art style.

Please purchase - its not on sale for long!!


oh and the game is now activated ;p

Ah sorry heres a proper link - https://roomsforrockets.itch.io/a-shawn-story




A Shawn Story

A Shawn Story follows the life of Shawn, a 20-something office worker on his quest to get to work not completely late. His life is dictated by The Narrator, a sarcastic british man who is stuck in Shawn's head.

As the player, you can control shawn in this 'text-adventure-like' choice game, with 8 paths, totaling 16 endings. Each path has two endings.

This game is a 2D, choice making game with a narration-feedback aspect making a large potion of the game up, the narrator makes the game so much more.... more.... FUN!




Hi! I'm Alex and I'm the creator of this game. If you want to post, please keep these rules in mind.

-Don't spam topics - they will be answered eventually

-Don't be disrespectful to ANY member of forum user of this community

-Be friendly! Welcome to people to the Forum.

-Don't use this as a way to bitch/moan about the game - please just use feedback - what could be improved and why, not just saying stuff like 'dis gam iz crip u suk'




A fun game is hidden by a complex menu, will you get through the errors, text-to-rage machine and the unholy mess what is the code of the game?

Find the answers to these and more questions, when you Play The Game!

Play The Game is a 2D, 'Platformer' (maybe) game where you control a robot trying to stop a claw from eating strawberrys... if you can get passed our BETA menu!