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I love the art style. Its super cute! I wouldn't be surprised to see this as something that gets thrown into the app store and blows up.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback! I'm still trying to get all the basic gui and  cards to work properly. Like the double paddle and double size combo you did, that needs to be fixed. :c 

Once I finish fixing and coding all of those I will move onto win/fail state and maybe a challenge tree with different leveled ai.

Well its definitely interesting and different! Fits the theme well!

Needs better instructions. Took me a minute to figure out I needed to press enter to get the game started.

I don't see the reasoning for the red and white balls. 

The game play is bugged. I shouldn't have to restart over when my piece can fit perfectly through the opening. 

The game play is bugged. I shouldn't have to restart over when my piece can fit perfectly through the opening. 

The aesthetics are on point but the difficulty is to hard. The platforming elements need to be revisited.

I second that. Its a good premise that i could see being built into something that has more replay ability. 

I don't fully understand the whole ethereal "nature" . I would have thought that is what lets you run through the gas without being hurt. 

Just updated it with GUI elements.

Much better!

Thank you!

I really like the concept. I think it really is a great spin on tetris and works great for the theme as a hybrid. Art work is good too, my only issue is the first parallax layer with the trees. Something off about it and I can't tell what. Maybe the speed? Maybe the dithering? 

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It seems, for me anyway, that when I press A or D I don't get points for indicating the correct answer to the glowing light or vice versa.

Edit: Nvm, I understand it now. You have to press the key before the bar fills up. It's a simple game but the concept works well. Could have used better instructions. Good work!

Hey Bison I really like that chiptune in your soundcloud that you linked. Would you be interested in doing some chip tunes work for a project I'm working on?