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Just finished the game. Short but sweet. The platforming physics didn't feel very "juicy" but I get that that wasn't the main focus of the game. I liked the puzzles although I found them a bit more annoying than testing of intelligence. Also, you could use the background to line up the jumps on some tricky ones, maybe that was intended. The art was good but didn't add much to the experience (at least it didn't take away anything and it was better than nothing). The music was also pretty good. Most of the challenges were fitted in as well as they could've been in this game. 8/10

Great entry. Fun but could be enhanced with more depth and polish.

Very enjoyable, one of the better ideas!

I did read that and one particular thing I felt unsure of was the hero's battle felt abstracted from the main game. Perhaps a bar could show your heroes percentage. Also, there should be an animation when something spawns.

Thank you for giving the game a go!

FUN - 3/10

ART -  1/10

MUSIC - 0/10

THEME - 6/10

Good idea. I think the execution could of been simple as I was immediately confronted with a confusing interface. Perhaps adding a tutorial and some more descriptive art would help new players understand the goal.

FUN - 8/10

ART -  7/10

MUSIC - 7/10

THEME - 9/10

Ingenious! My only gripe is the scoring system could be improved upon so that it is clear to the player how to get more points.

FUN - 5/10

ART -  8/10

MUSIC - 0/10

THEME - 10/10

Great concept with simple but well done execution. I wish the game had some options for people who want to play through the whole game quickly.

FUN - 3/10


ART -1 /10

MUSIC - 0/10

THEME - 6/10

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to download this game.