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Is the music on bandcamp/spotify?

edit: nvm i found it

 luno ->

zakhar valaha ->

kai engels ->

i can't find the rest 

Chapter 1?? And then it ends?? :"""") 

is the first song on youtube? i loved it

I forgot this was a horror I was pleasantly surprised! the plot twist!!!

Don't know if it's a bug or if the audio is stacking. Started playing Inaya/Yolanda's route and the soft doo-doo-doo music started. Finished that route, played other routes and the soft doo-doo-doo music kept playing in the background of the other music, kind of playing together. It's not very noticeable when the music for other routes play because it's louder but it's still there

Did my aimlab routine before the ducky minigame. 10/10

Legalese aside the writing is great. Love it.

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Such a well made demo. soundtrack was amazing, I liked the concept about uploading bodies as well, and the graphics are top notch. Love the stylized graphics. Runs smoothly too. Can't wait until it's fully developed! Wishlisted <3

I love it its so cute and Subin is gorgeous !

Are there multiple endings to this? Noticed I didn't go through some paths that I didn't click. 

Brilliant sound design by the way!


i kicked him to outer space

So regarding the Preorder the Game thing, what's the digital key? So like a steam key or an itch key?

I played blind and got the bad end, felt so bad for him i needed to get the good end no matter what

if ranita fishing has 10000 fans i am one of them. if ranita fishing has 150 fans i am one of them. if ranita fishing has no fans that means i am no longer of this world. i am a ranita fishing advocate and missionary.

theres no way to lower the sens, i moved a bit and i just spun like a doner kebab

Just found out Essays on Enpathy is real

There's no pause button or anything to change the setting midgame?

This is actually so wholesome ??

I bought this game on itch, is there any plans for a steam key to be included (for the achievements)

It's alright, I feel like the narrative is a bit weak? I'm pretty sure if Vivi had severe clinical depression leading to suicidal thoughts, some few surface-level conversations without addressing the root cause won't completely rid of it. I guess it's a good game for mentally healthy people to be grateful for their life but it's not really doing anything for clinical depression if that makes sense. It's just that, for this to be the game's marketed selling point, it's not working well for it.

It's cutely made though, reminds me of those 2009 flash games that were really popular then, with the blocky thick lines and poster colors. The soundtrack is really nice too, especially the last track that plays on the ending. 

This is an older game anyways and to my knowledge the lead dev fahmitsu is releasing a new game called Afterlove EP and I'm hoping there's more emotional depth to that game (the main character deals with grief) because this one... just doesn't do it for me.

I don't normally play RTS games but this was great  

would be nice if there was a mouse sensitivity option though. I'm not using a gaming mouse so if I move it a bit I end up helicoptering around the room

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Kind of sad the controller just technically controls the mouse. Moving the cursor around with the gamepad isn't very intuitive.

I'm in a similar situation right now except I have no idea where I'm heading and I'm scared. This is like, adult horror


nvm i got it

How do i make the controller work? It doesn't detect controller input on mine

Yeah this happened to me too

The art is gorgeous!



It's a really nice game, but I have a question. Why did you name your character Iskandar? Iskandar was a very popular Indonesian name in the 70s. Does this mean he's Indonesian, or secretly an old man?

The animation and music was great. The story was okay, to me. I enjoyed the game.

Would be nice if there's some highlight to selecting text, I didn't realise it was a selecting dialog going on and thought it was weird the screen went bigger suddenly

Such a cute, stylish game!

This game made me so anxious and in my first playthrough I lost literally everyone except Bemelle omfg 10/10 great game

Bought this game for Alkar and Piper but August's route was actually a pleasant surprise. Such good voice acting too

It's a pretty fun game, I liked the lying sections. However, SPOILERS

the entire witches thing was confusing to me. 

GOD i wish Quest was real also


I don't mind if he's an exconvict it's my kink so the entire conflict was so meh to me I was like I don't care I need Quest!! LMAO