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Overall, this project is quite pleasant to play and looks very promising. I love Trix's art, and it creates great atmosphere together with the music. The gameplay is enjoyable, as the controls are surprisingly comfortable and smooth for a game of this kind. 
There are some things that require some tweaking for better experience:
- Spike hitboxes. Big spike hitboxes make it really easy to take damage in a game where you don't always have full control of the character. Also, in some narrow passages they make it almost impossible to stay undamaged. Perhaps it would be a good idea to decrease the size of their hitboxes.
- Boost orbs (or whatever they are called). I think they are an interesting mechanic, but they work a bit janky. I suggest moving the character to the center of the orb when touched, so that it boosts you in the right direction (kind of like Celeste's bubbles).
- Some passages work weird or are closed, so it is a little confusing, especially on the first playthrough (I am still confused by that passage to the right on the Screenshot 2 that loops you to the same room).

I also have a suggestion: separate checkpoints from bubbles. Having a checkpoint in every single room kind of removes the challenge. Instead, it might be a good idea to place a checkpoint every 2-4 (or more) rooms, and leave the bubbles just for the temporary safety. Also, consider making a checkpoint restore all of your health.

I hope my feedback will be helpful for you. Good luck with further development!

(P.S. My current speedrun record is 00:47:61!)

Very interesting concept! If you just run with the core mechanic, develop more mechanics around it and polish the game, this could make a great rogue-like game. This project has a lot of potential, and I surely enjoyed playing it!

I think I saw a couple of games with a similar concept, but this game is great nonetheless. Nice job!

This is a very interesting concept. It seems easy at first, but further into the game it gets harder. Great job!

This is a pretty well made game, I liked it!