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"You were able to buy condoms without being too awkward!"

that was rough! XD i survived!

that was... unexpected, hahahahaha

is ok, i changed the post a little now ^^

the line being affected by the sea physics = <3

Created a new topic Fish Kermesse
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some pixel art from our game, lets hope we finish it in time =D

forgot to reply, so here it is, a month later, hauhauahuahau
Thank you for the nice words =D
this used to happen to me all the time, my friends said i made a game about my daily life XD

sure thing, i used gamemaker studio =D

hum, don't know if it was actually a challenge, but i saw a cool opportunity to make something in pixel-art, a thing i haven't used in my projects until this game. also i had no idea on how to make a platformer game, so was a nive learning experience

i wish you could have finished it for the jam =/

thank you!

Replied to PixelPOW in PRTs comments

you can do it!

looks very cool

well, although nothing spins on my game i'll do this to avoid any rule breaking =DD

i have no idea, but i'm assuming of course you can XD

i made my game with he idea of making a level that is an entire game on its own, but can also be expandable, something i plan todo after the jam is over ^^

but i think that if is something you are worried you can just put a file for download named "#lowrezjam version" and another one is for the updated version

light effects O.O looks good!

seems very cool, and the font/text looks awesome!

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now my game has a llama Headphones On, World Off

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looks awesome, hope to play it soon!

Replied to Rombus in Screenshot Daily

hopefully you will, =D
rvrn if i can't finish for the jam i'll do it.
sadly just started doing it 2 days ago, i wasn't aware of the jam before XD

not actually an screenshot, but is the scene =D

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what an amazing experience, loved it <3