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vem ai!!!

Hey there, thank you for playing!

So, i think i failed to explain better in the game (close to the end it does explain a little). it was the first game i made, so there are some flaws, hahahaha.
Anyway, each "world" is an elemental temple, earth, wind, water and fire. when you complete each you gain a stone that fill one of your shields socket (the ball XD). when you complete all four you gain access to the dark temple, where you can get the immortality potion ^^

oi, brigadão =D
e desculpa, só temos em inglês mesmo =/


And yes, haah the AI is bananas! and this after i actually made it easier (in my first tests it was godamn impossible for me to win against it) XDD

could Deadly Mortal Bloody Hot Dogs of Destiny!! be the next.. DARK SOUL?!?!?!? (hahahahaha)

hahaha, thank you =DD

thank you very much !!

Thank you! i guess i agree with the best out of 3 thing XD

and try to rest!

Oh my! you are a very brave person, hahahah, well, good luck!!

hahahahaha, i understand, game jams have this way of making our brains tired jelly XD

althought i didn't understand the "this male was much needed tho" XD

hope everything works out fine =D

Have you ever thought "Hum, stealth + trivia + 2d retro style = good game"? Well, me neither, but here we are!

I had to make a game for college using BGI (Borland Graphics Interface). It is a somewhat limited system for making games and such.After i finished i decided to recreate and exact copy of it in Gamemaker Studio 2, keeping the limitations and art, only changing the language to english (original was in portuguese), and here it is! hope you folks enjoy it


Imprisoned by evil creatures for crimes you didn't commit, in the famous Holitojin Dungeon, you thought your freedom was over, with every passing night hope was slipping. But, for reasons unknown, your cell's lock malfunctioned one day, and now all you gotta do is run!

Try to avoid the guards, get hints about the door password with the other prisoners, and run to the exit! 


I liked the minimalist art of it so much,  paired with a city building gameplay it makes it so cute and awesome <3

cool concept, and nice visuals!! good game =D

Awesome game, even though i suk at it XDD. The controlls, music, graphics, meta-game, everything, seem on point, good job!

Score: 63 =D

ha, cute game, liked it =D

Nice tower defense! felt addicting (my bias for loving tower defenses). Amazing game, but i missed music/sounds, and maybe a more cohesive color pallet for the art ^^ overall loved it!

very good game. feels good to play it, nice art, cool music, overall awesome gameplay. Also very polished, with meta-game, small tutorial, etc, good job!

damn, that was difficult! awesome game, amazing art and awesome gameplay! congrats and nice work!

nice rts, reminds me of starcraft and comand & conquer! but i did miss a little bit the music/sound effects

Great work, the colours are so pretty, and it seems like a very polished game. And what a violent death XD

seems nice, is lacking animations and such, and maybe some levels. But i liked that there is a Meta-game (menu and such), and is seems like a concept that you can escalate to make a full game. The music was also nice. It seems that it could be a bigger game ^^

i watered the dog, hope that is how you play it XD very cute, liked the pixel style =D

very fun game, think is very expandable if you want to work more on it after the jam ^^
ps: weird choice for the death music, hahahahaha

very frenetic! ha, liked playing it, was a lot of fun =D

ficou bem massa, parabéns! a arte ta bem massuda, e a mecânica é bem interessante =D

It feels rather unpolished, BUT i like the idea, and also the main character (stylish)
and also kudos for making a game that involves polyamorous love, not enough of them ^^

very cool game! nice art, and the movements seem very fluid!

beautiful assets and animation, cool feel =Dmaybe the size of the characters wasn't the best choice for a 64x64 grid, but beautiful anyway =D

my pet rock is so cute. is nice to have it on the desktop while you work on a task, or browse the internet =D

ps: i know is a minor thing, but when the "breaking news" gets smaller it's breaking the 64x64 rule, as it involves sub-pixels. is very minor, but just a heads up ^^

oh my, that was cute and fun, very nice game, an cool mechanic
ps: rainbow fart <3

Wow, awesoem how you got the flappy formula and made it... awesome, hahaha. Feels awesoem to play, great job

cool concept, very "Super Hexagon"y

hahaha, vaca fofis

The Final Boss <3
ahhaha, jk. funny one, nice little experiment =D