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for sure sorry about that. I'll reupload that.

I'm glad to have helped and help to reach your goal. From what you told me they were surpassed. Great job!

Very interesting concept. I enjoy how the difficulty drastically increase. It's difficulty reminds me of some of my favorite games which are all very challenging.

Just so you know the engine you used is unity not unreal.

I really enjoy the style of it. I wish there were cat animations to give it a better feel, but I really enjoy the vibe it puts out.

I am having the exact same issue. If any body figures this out please notify.

Thank you so much. This helped!

Is there a way to access a variable from another script or make a global variable I can access from any script?

I don't think there is a way to do but there is an alternative. You could make it so the sprite is draggable in game so you can see these things in the inspect window.

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I would use invisible objects on the sides of the screen and use them to see if the object is within those bounds. (Put them around the screen)

NaN means not a number. So the fact that it prints that means your other ship value may not actually exist. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this.

Make sure you are using the correct naming and spelling.

Try printing the other ships position to the console, it may offer some insight into the issue.

Does anybody know of a way to use google play game services in my game?

If so, please leave a link.

Can anybody tell me whether it's possible to implement particle effects into a superpowers game? If so how would I do it? Please give detailed instructions.




I am a self-taught programmer and definitely not a good artist. I enjoy making video games, but I'm also interested in creating software for ease of use. I know many different compiling and scripting languages, but I am an expert in none of them. I enjoy object oriented programming better than procedural. I am new to "SuperPowers", but I am enjoying the ease of use and the robust community ready to help at a moments notice!

Thankyou for accepting me into this community!

How would I go about creating a multiplayer player game? Is there a certain library that I have to use?

It can be either a massive multiplayer online game, but I am more leaning towards a local multiplayer game.

Thanks in advance!