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So I am not sure if it was intentional or not but Reloading is not a thing or if it is there is a lacking of instructions for it. You have very little if any at all, direction in what you're supposed to be doing. The floor shift was awesome.

So it looks like you guys where aiming for procedural generation which seemed to work pretty well and that is very cool wandering through shifting halls with the fear of the dark is very neat. Thinks to look towards for improvement, a lot of your props where drastically different in scale sometimes things where massive and others very small. if this was intentional disregard this but if not nailing down scale and export settings are key. The only other thing is it felt like I had very little time with light available when using it, and due to how dark it is without it it makes the game very hard to traverse when looking for another candle without falling into a hole. otherwise I enjoyed the concept and overall gameplay

So overall the sound design was good and held a good atmosphere and a nice concept. Personally though things that could be improved are the feedback between the player and the elements around them. Many times I could barely tell if I'd even clicked something  or when the text on the walkie talky changed, There is also no way to clearly see the text change on the walkie at the distance you need to be in order to click it. A good concept but with lack of feedback when attempting to do something it makes it difficult to play.